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  1. 1. Dame_Jedi 2. 481344 Thank you for the oppertunity
  2. Coast (pink) is difficult and Yellow (Jungle) is impossible to catch.
  3. I desperately need one from the Jungle but it's impossible to catch.
  4. Impossible to get one from the jungle or volcano.
  5. None of mine got sick, I guess I'm just lucky. It's impossible to catch them now - only saw one but wasn't fast enough with just 10 others in the biome.
  6. I have to work in less than 30 minutes, so this is the worst time ever to have a release. Not getting any eggs and there's about 30 people in the biomes, so I guess I'll just have to miss out on this release. It's impossible to get new releases for at least a month, so platitudes of "they're permanent" is grating. But hey, people having actual lives to make money to pay for things like data doesn't matter.
  7. I'm still very sad about this whole thing, it's so extremely unfair and there's no way I'll every be able to find one of the mints. I also don't have CB golds or silvers to trade for them. This was no April Fools day, this was April Cruel's day.
  8. Now you know how the rest of us feel, but you actually had one and killed it.
  9. This is extremely unfair, especially as those people that got to choose 2/3 times and got an extra egg, and the people that got eaten don't get another chance. Stuff like this makes me sometimes really hate this game.
  10. Said nothing, got eaten and no reset for me. Bit sad.
  11. I said nothing and got eaten. I just hope it's a normal mint, otherwise very unfair to a lot of people.
  12. I'm miffed with myself for not reading the forum posts before clicking eggs. I need two blue ones, and clicked an extra red one. Will need 4 hours for that one to cool down before I can try and get a blue one. Hopefully, I'll get a blue one at the hourly drop. Edit - got a blue one! Thanks TJ and Spriters for the new eggs
  13. I'm on a mission to collect as many Radiant Angels as possible. I got 30 last year and hope to get at least 30 again. Thank you spriters and TJ
  14. Is there a list of all items we can get from the mini-games? or at least how many there are?
  15. The site is beyond lagged. All that loads is the adverts. I have extreme anxiety and so many releases at once is horrible. I can't get the time one, and I know I won't ever be able to as people's greed on this site is out of control, and they will be extremely difficult to get after today, even probably in 5 hours, when the misclicks can be dumped.
  16. I was under the impression that I owned at least 1 Coastal Waverunner, but I was mistaken. So I need to hatch the one I was able to snag before I can breed, hopefully I don't get any refusals.
  17. I joined just after the bright pinks were discontinued and was able to get a messy frill. I really want to catch one, and been at it for over 5 hours. I did not see a single Frill this drop. I guess they'll be rare Edited: After 6 hours, I actually got a Frill! Now I can actually go and appreciate the new backgrounds. Thanks to the spriters for their hard work.
  18. Redid day 6 twice now and I'm still not getting the whisker. I only have 31 items, I wonder which ones I missed.
  19. I chose all the nice options so far. I would love to redo the entire game and only choose naughty, just to see what happens. Luckily I only had 2 glitches the entire game - the reindeer day I had to do again the next day, and I got stuck behind the northern sign before it was cleared. Steve is very quick to speak about his discoveries but he did nothing (Bad Steve!) Is today the last day? I thought it was ending on the 31st.
  20. I got 2 zombies, 3 revivals and 7 disintegrates. None of the hatchlings turned, which is a bit annoying. Hopefully next year I can get hatchlings
  21. Where can I find the rainbow water?
  22. It's 05:07 right now. I think a lot of people had trouble getting the bronze ones, that's why the biomes are rather empty. The flood only happened about 2 days ago, so even with incubates, they still have at least 12 hours or so to go before their eggs hatch. I got 1 bronze hatching hopefully in the next hour and the other in 6. Hope I can get those 2 easily. As I'll be away from home most of the day. The blue ones are my favourites. Absolutely lovely. Does anyone know if there's a spriter's alt? Wonder what the colour would be, if so.
  23. Seriously people! Go to sleep! Give the rest of us mere mortals not from the good ol' USA a chance too. Having so much difficulty.
  24. Many people have said that the brown ones aren't their favourite. If we're struggling so much to get these "unpopular" ones, I don't even want to imagine how difficult it will be to get the silver and blue ones. Times like these I wish that the very few that complain that floods make it boring for them to play, would just stay quiet, because it ruins the fun for the rest of us. And how the hell does 1 single person get 3 new releases at the 5 min drop, with the eggs being there for 0.3 seconds? That seems fishy to me.