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  1. One thing that I don't understand is how there are 150 plus on the same page as I am as the eggs drop but as soon as I leave that page, the numbers drop to 50. The lag is so bad, and having to wait that extra time for the banner at the bottom to load is killing me. 

  2. 35 minutes ago, lilysally said:

    Wow! That was easier than I thought. Got my two CB Holly and two CB Yulebuck that were missing. 


    Thank you TJ and everybody involved!


    People, just have an exact clock ready and click click on every single egg that appears at the five minute drops, no matter what the description says. Keep a finger on ctrl, click on the far right egg just once, press r, click on the far right egg and so on, always with ctrl pressed.
    A whole load of windows will open, but if you are at the limit for one breed your scroll can't get blocked, so off you go for the whole drop. I got my 4 CBs I needed in one hourly drop AFTER the first minute lag.


    Been doing exactly that for the last 4 hours and 20 minutes and barely got the Holly, after 4 full hours. So that only works if you have the fastest internet. 

  3. What would be nice is to have a 30 min total drop of only Hollies, that way, almost everyone would be able to get the 2 limit. Say, there are 900 people online, and some already have reached the Holly limit, then all online will get the Hollies and give the later people a better chance to get them. But that will never happen. 

  4. I really need 2 CB Hollies and 2 CB Yulebucks. 


    I'm way too slow, and for the last few 5 min drops, I haven't seen any Yulebuck descriptions. I realise it's only the first hour and there is still a week to go but I get extremely anxious. Thank you TJ for the opportunity though.  

  5. I was just in the jungle and there were 0 users, ergo only me. A CB gold popped up ~code removed~ and I immediately clicked it but it was gone, while there were still 0 users in the Jungle. 


    Don't tell me that there isn't a way to pick up bots and to ban those that use them. It's so extremely disheartening to have a chance to get a CB gold but then cheaters ruin it.

  6. 3 hours ago, Metal-n-Monster said:

    Regarding Carinas, I think if the wing flames were smaller and there was more wing color (instead of trying to fit that much color into a tiny space!), they'd look better. But overall I like them.

    I have to agree with you, there's just too much going on. Also when I look at the Khusa ones, all I see it Ho-oh from pokemon. The wings look so familiar and the wings too.