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  1. The pygmy seems more difficult to get, got 6 of the shimmer one and only one pygmy. Hopefully someone will trade me a pygmy
  2. Dame_Jedi

    Proxy Detected

    I cannot access Dragcave. I get the following message. I don't use a proxy. PROXY DETECTED You don't have permission to access /dragons on this server because it has been detected that you are using a proxy server."
  3. Got my 8 Radiant Angels. Love them so much.
  4. One thing that I don't understand is how there are 150 plus on the same page as I am as the eggs drop but as soon as I leave that page, the numbers drop to 50. The lag is so bad, and having to wait that extra time for the banner at the bottom to load is killing me.
  5. The lag is beyond bad. Only got 1 so far.
  6. I have 1 alpine too many and 1 forest too little. They look interesting.
  7. I really just want Radiant Angels but none to be found anywhere.
  8. Just my luck, now that I have 3 slots open, there are no Radiant Angels in the AP
  9. I really hope that I can get 2nd gen spriter alts Radiant Angels. This is my only wish for this year.
  10. Eggs are zooming past in the special biome. I only need Val '09 and Sweetlings but those are the ones everybody needs.
  11. I'm not having any luck catching the last Yule Buck i need.
  12. Been doing exactly that for the last 4 hours and 20 minutes and barely got the Holly, after 4 full hours. So that only works if you have the fastest internet.
  13. Finally after almost 4 hours, I got 1 Holly and 1 Yulebuck. Just need one of each more
  14. What would be nice is to have a 30 min total drop of only Hollies, that way, almost everyone would be able to get the 2 limit. Say, there are 900 people online, and some already have reached the Holly limit, then all online will get the Hollies and give the later people a better chance to get them. But that will never happen.
  15. Now the mousepad won't click anymore. I literally give up and want to kill myself
  16. How are people even getting anything? It all flies by so fast.
  17. Been clicking for almost 2 and half hours, and finally have 1 of the 2 yulebucks but no hollies. Hopefully I'll get lucky again
  18. How are we supposed to catch anything if the drops are actually less than 5 seconds?
  19. I'm going to give up, I have fast internet, and still can't catch any. Really extremely disappointed in myself for being so completely useless.
  20. My internet keeps freezing, it's really frustrating to see eggs, but nothing happens. Really, depressing
  21. I really need 2 CB Hollies and 2 CB Yulebucks. I'm way too slow, and for the last few 5 min drops, I haven't seen any Yulebuck descriptions. I realise it's only the first hour and there is still a week to go but I get extremely anxious. Thank you TJ for the opportunity though.
  22. I was just in the jungle and there were 0 users, ergo only me. A CB gold popped up ~code removed~ and I immediately clicked it but it was gone, while there were still 0 users in the Jungle. Don't tell me that there isn't a way to pick up bots and to ban those that use them. It's so extremely disheartening to have a chance to get a CB gold but then cheaters ruin it.
  23. Have: CB Black Marrow Want CB Shadow Walker Egg is on cool down, so please PM