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  1. Gorgeous EG royal blue. Influenced and keeping, even if it'll be next to impossible to get a mate.
  2. Found this amazing egg in the AP. Not only is it a pb even, but look at the names! I squealed with happiness when I realised. And my sister is incredibly jealous. >
  3. I'd like to Report a Gift! alupe99a>Nazgod>Yellow Dino Hatchling (accepted) I'd like to be removed from a List! Forum ID: Nazgod List to be removed from: Yellow Dino
  4. The merchant sputtered for a minute before scowling. "Seeing as she's so obedient, I'd say 500 gold pieces. She'll obey you without question." I doubt I can sell for more than a few gold pieces. Master Jasper has quite eccentric tastes, Lusia thought to herself. ((Hope that's long enough. Feel free to play as the npc and drag Sia home. :'D))
  5. A sudden movement caught her eye and Lusia immediately looked towards the slave trader, seeing him visibly brighten. "Master Elrihm! Are you looking to buy a servant? I have quite a nice selection here," the merchant gestured towards the slaves. Remembering what her previous master explained to her, she stopped fidgeting, risking a quick glance his way. "This one, I managed to get today. First time on sale, very obedient. She was well loved at her previous home so she's quite tame. Come!" He snapped at her. Since he was her temporary master, she went over to stand by him, letting him
  6. ((Fortune, I'm putting her up for sale now. And aah, ok, does that mean that they could easily be burnt?)) Lusia observed the dead Hound, unsure exactly how to dispose of it. She walked towards one of the other servants and tapped them on the shoulder. Before she could get her query out though, the servant gave a shriek. "Oh no. No, no, no! This will not do!" The servant fussed around Sia's wound and groaned at the state of her hair. "Master Jasper wants to sell you today! How will you sell looking like a ragmuffin? Come, quickly. We must get you cleaned up." ~~~ Lusia tugg
  7. "Sia, oh Sia!" Jasper sang, his voice accompanied by the snarling of a Briar Hound. Lusia rounded the corner, before bowing. "Yes, master?" "I brought back a pet for you to get to know. Isn't he adorable?" Jasper petted the Hound lovingly. "I might let you play with him as well, he seems to like you very much." Lusia observed the Hound, it snarled and barked, straining against the hold of her master, trying to get closer to her. "As it pleases you, master." Jasper grinned, before letting the Hound loose. "Oops, I forgot to ask whether you had your weapons. I dearly hope it
  8. ~Removed~ Personally, I consider Starbound to be like a Terraria: New and improved. So now I have a question, do you guys think that Starbound will be just like Terraria? As in, hyped up a lot in the beginning and then it's just same old same old?
  9. Damn damn, the horrors of being overseas, the third season has already fully come out! D: Also, @MysticTiger: Really? :/ I'm not particularly interested in the whole "Mary" thing. Just gimme the mysteries.
  10. Heya~ I'm new to the rp and these are my two approved characters. ^^ Not exactly sure what to do with the scheldules but I'll just have them wandering around. :'D
  11. So... has anyone seen the super short obviously not long enough christmas episode?
  12. Right now, I'm playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf on my 3DS as I away from my precious computer. But if I was there right now, I would be playing Spelunky on my PC, using Steam.
  13. I don't think that the old pinks are offered as a prize. The frills are though. :3
  14. I'm honestly surprised it isn't more. :'D Probably get a heapload within the next 24 hours/ when you get your egg.
  15. Scroll protected! Now... pm box?
  16. Another winner~ Congratulations! ^^ It has been speculated that the Eastern style dragons are the shimmerscales. Edit: Welp, they /are/ the shimmerscales.
  17. Didn't expect to win as this /was/ my first year. ^^ Congratulations to all that did get a prize and a HM.
  18. April 1st~ AKA April Fools day. I've been told that it suits me quite a bit... after I spend some time convincing them that yes it is indeed my birthday, no I am not fooling you.
  19. Caught my first CB silver aw yeah! D I'm actually really surprised that I got it considering that my first reaction was: Oh, wonder what kind of egg gives off a beautiful glow? I facepalmed myself afterwards but to my surprise, I managed to get it! While on very crappy internet connection as well. ^^
  20. That link only takes you to your own fort. Your fort link would be http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/Reinbeauchaser. It does look very pretty. ^^
  21. Gotcha! Scroll name: Nazgod Threw a snow-ball at: Hazel360 Sadly I don't have enough snow to repair. >< I will return throws when I get enough snow!
  22. Level 50. No need to hit me! Thanks everyone.
  23. Phew, lucky I didn't miss it this year. ^^ Very pretty dragons spriters~ Merry Christmas everyone.
  24. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Nazgod Only getting 2/hr but I'm gonna give as good as I can.
  25. Well, since we're talking about Grave names I'll contribute what names I snagged for my pretties. Marked Grave First Grave Frown Why the Grave face Aaaand, my personal favourite Digging a Grave