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My Wishlist


***I ACCEPT IOUs!!! However, there may be some exceptions***

***If I can breed something you want/need, feel free to request it :)***


Currently Looking For: 

Caveborn: Silvers/Golds***, Astrapi (Female), Chrono (Male), Thalassa (Female), Celestials, Monarchs

Lineaged: 2G Prize***, 2G Silver Tinsel from M Spotted Greenwing (Not Tilly Freaky)***, 3G Bronze Shimmer x M Celestial EG Checker (Not Dream or Twist'd), Mates for: https://dragcave.net/group/51946

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    Writing, arts, stuff like that.

    DC interests: collecting new dragons and starting/continuing lineages.

    ***I DO ACCEPT/OFFER IOUS. So if you’re interested in something I have or can get, feel free to message me😉

    *Note: I was inactive for a long while, playing on and off for short bursts, and only recently started playing actively again around Valentines Day 2018. As such, I am missing a lot of new dragons as well as CB holiday dragons released after Valentine’s, Halloween and Christmas 2013 (although some of the prior ones aren’t CB either), with the exception of Caligene dragons and any CB Valentines I picked up Feb 2018. I do intend to be more active on DC now.

    Wishlist: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15DOpf1aPlfm88TJ2jhI4syEPWbtdftoLI-8U6MZiPt4

    Lineage Projects:

    -F Silver x M Bronze Lunar Herald checker
    -F Silver x M Ice checker
    -M Silver x F Silver Lunar Checker
    -M Silver x F Moonstone Checker
    -M Silver x F Celestial
    -PB EG Trios
    -Trio x Xeno checkers
    -Floret Checker

    Future Lineage Projects:

    -Metal x Trio Checkers
    -Metal x Lunar Herald Checkers

    Lineages I’m Continuing (that aren’t part of lineage projects):


    Dragons that Need Mates:


    *Note: There are no IOUs dated prior to March 2018 because that is around the time I started playing again and using the forum after a long period of inactivity. I intend to stay active now and also use the forums a lot more than I did in the past.

    **Note: I consider the start date of an IOU to be when the first egg/hatchi is given to either side, not when the IOU was first discussed and agreed to. For instance: If I offered an IOU of two 2G Purebred Magis for a 2G Purebred Xeno, the start date would be either the date I send over the first Magi or the date I recieve the Xeno.

    I Owe:

    I am Owed:

    Completed IOUs (starting from 03/18)

    -Tagchen007 - 2 CB Anagallis Hatchis (started 03/13/18; completed 03/17/18)
    -angelicdragonpuppy - 3 Hatchis from list (started 03/21/17; completed 03/27/18)
    -catzrule1990 - 1x CB or 2G PB Thunder (started 03/21/18; completed 04/04/18)
    -dooblepurple - 1x CB White, 1x CB hellfire, 1x CB sunsong, and 1x CB Ember (started 04/30/18; completed 05/02/18)
    -chocopie 4 CB Hatchis from list (started 06/05/18; completed 06/10/18)
    - SilverNinja 4 CB split Hatchis from the desert (started 05/17/18; completed 06/13/18)
    -RainbowChris 1x Silver Shimmer from Impression Sunrise (or other low Gen prize; started 06/06/18; completed 06/11:18)