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  1. Travelling Europe ! Travellers involved: Pavasaris, catstaff Capitals travelled: Bucharest, Moscow Thank you, have a nice trip!
  2. Here's a new ticket to Bucharest, for anyone interested.
  3. I have a ticket avaible for Bucharest! I'll give you a link as soon as my Magis can teleport again. Here you go, folks! http://dragcave.net/teleport/965f49dc8466a...b47be5ad5893733
  4. Sorry, no trip to Male (with acute accent on e ) yet, because I still need a male. I got 3 eggs and forgot to gender them and all were females. *sigh* Also, a question. Could I reserve the striped dragons for my second capital? Or how does the reserving work? I'm a bit confused. Thanks and sorry if it was explained in a previous post.
  5. Oh, well It's Pavasaris on the forum. PM me now if you wish.
  6. Sure, Quinney Sorry, I didn't check if it still works (your link I mean). Enjot your trip!
  7. Hi, fellow travellers! I'm back and ready to travel through Europe. I have a ticket ready for Bucharest right now, so don't wait!
  8. This is so cool, I'd love to join. Can I please take Malé (Maldives) with Imperial Fleshcrownes?
  9. I would like to present you the two hosts of Cardiff: The fort of the Taff and Caerdyf City, so from now on visits here are possible. fuzzbucket, you are on the list now. Can't wait for your visit.
  10. Travelling Europe ! Travellers involved: Shroomlet, Pavasaris Capitals travelled: Reykjavik, Bucharest will follow later Travelling Europe ! Travellers involved: Lokiphantom, Pavasaris Capitals travelled: Dublin, no return ticket for now And now that I've visited 10 capitals (soon to be 12, when my two other capitals grow up) I'd like to request a second city to host, Cardiff to pe precise. I'm thinking about using Seasonal Dragons (Spring as the first generation) for it. Initially I thought about using Blue-Banded dragons, but they don't like water and there's a lot of water around Cardiff, so they didn't seem suitable and out of all the dragons left to choose I like Seasonals the most.
  11. Accepted! Enjoy your trip. Travelling Europe ! Travellers involved:Pavasaris, DragonLauren Capitals travelled:Bucharest, Helinski
  12. Quick, here is a new ticket to Bucharest. The weather may not be too great right now, so don't forget your umbrella, but the city is definitely worth it!
  13. I'm very sorry I haven't been around lately. I got lost during one of my trips again. I really need to get a map this time. And I'm sorry to announce that there are no tickets to Bucharest right now, due to the lack of interest my dragons have for each other. As for what cities we should add. What about the European Capitals of Culture? They are not always the actual capital of a Country and they're quite diverse too.
  14. After a few weeks of staying home because my dragons didn't give me a ticket, I am back in the "business"! Here is a ticket to Bucharest. The snow can get up to your knees here, so make sure you dress well.
  15. Great, I accepted. Enjoy your visit. Travelling Europe! Travellers involved: Pavasaris, timpieh Capitals travelled: Bucharest, Brussels Good to see you, too. Happy to be back.
  16. Hello and Happy New Year everyone! (I'm a bit late, sorry!) I have great news for all travellers, here is another "ticket" to Bucharest. It's been very quiet around here lately, so I can't wait for visitors to come.
  17. This is still active, right? In this case, please: REGISTER MY STUDENT Forum Name: Pavasaris Scroll Name: SpringTurner Student’s Name: Justin the Hufflepuff Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/avx8i And... I'm still waiting for this. I WANT AN EGG Forum Name: Pavasaris Which starting couple?: Slytherin Personal message link: My owl Happy Holidays!
  18. My little egg is now a beautiful dragon. And it even has a mate. However, I think I forgot to influence my Dark Tea dragon when it was an egg, so the pattern of the lineage will be a spiral. I have an egg now (of the right breed ) if anyone wants it, just PM me. Happy Holidays by the way!
  19. Yes, please! I sent you a ticket to Romania, which is almost a hatchie btw.
  20. This is such a great idea. Look like I found myself something to do for a while. Username: Pavasaris Link to scroll (if not in your signature): v It's there. Link to PM: PM Here Sonnet you wanna do: CVII (107) Which Dragons do you need: Not too sure yet I'm not sure if anyone's still checking this. Anyway, I think I'll PM some of you for some Sonnets trades after I finish mine. I better go hunting and breeding now. Edit: Haha, I didn't even notice. I think I was hungry when I wrote that.
  21. Hello! A tea lover here, who'd like to join. Username: Pavasaris, but my scroll name is SpringTurner Pair OR Generation request: The Earl Grey x A Darling Darjeeling Btw: I saw a dapper penguin the other day. Very cute.
  22. This is such a brilliant idea!! I WANT TO JOIN Forum Name: Pavasaris Scroll Name: SpringTurner How many CB stripes do you have? 1 male and 1 female, but I’ll try to catch more. I WANT AN EGG Forum Name: Pavasaris Which starting couple?: I’d like to start with Slytherin, this being my House Personal message link: My owl box (however, I'm not too sure if I got this link right)
  23. Passport Pavasaris – Bucharest (Romania) and Cardiff (Wales, UK) Capital: Bucharest Country: Romania Dragons: Moonstones Native 2nd gen: Vlad III the Impaler and the Herastrau Park Last bred: September, 7th Second Capital: Cardiff Country: Wales Dragons: Seasonals (Spring) Native 2nd gen: This little one Last bred: September, 12th Contact (thread, PM or both): Both, but PM is strongly recommended Already travelled: 1.Bucharest: Vlad III the Impaler 2.Paris: Montmartre 3.Berlin: The Victory Column from Berlin 4.Lisbon: The Belem Tower 5.Oslo: Sonja of Oslo 6.Vienna: Gisela of Austria 7.Brussels: Broeksel 8.Helinski: Gulf of Finland 9.Dublin: Talamh of Dublin 10.Bratislava: Little Big City 11.Skopje: The Skopje fortress 12. Reykjavik: Harpa Reykjavik. Would like another visit: I want to visit 'em all. Regular online time(s): This really depends, especially now that school started. Time off: - Reservations: to Bucharest: Shroomlet to Cardiff: Idril, fuzzbucket
  24. Hello everyone! Sorry for my inactivity, I somehow got lost during one of my trips and it took me some time to find my way back, but now here I am. Here are my dragons, Carol I of Romania and Elizabeth of Romania, so from now on visits to Romania are avaible! I will post here my passport soon, too. Can't wait to start travelling again. - Pavasaris