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  1. Hey guys! Sorry for the inactivity. I would say that I'd try to be more active but that's a promise I can't keep. So I'm going to be leaving the RP for good, if anyone wants to adopt Luke, that's fine by me Oh and Happy Birthday, thread! Wish you guys the best!
  2. Aqua felt a shiver run down her spine as she heard her name being called. She expected to well up with emotions, to cry in joy or have tears of happiness stream down her face. But nothing happened. She felt nothing and thought nothing, as if the consciousness of her own body was stolen away from her. Why did she feel so empty? Shouldn't she be excited? There was a nagging thought at the back of her head that grew bigger and bigger as she tried to ignore it. You know you didn't want to go... That was preposterous! Aqua wanted to join in the expedition... Right? Aqua stood there, emotionles
  3. Crossing Field and Sakasama no Chou... Not sure if the latter counts as an ost .-. Oh well.
  4. May we timeskip? This doesn't affect Keszpik, Luxiphere or Sepisc greatly.
  5. Yes, I was meaning to inform you of that! Trainers can be claimed through PM and I will further explain Council members claiming in the OOC Thread of RoaO as soon as it gets accepted ^.^
  6. This is the OOC thread for Revolution of an Oligarchy, sister RP of Heraldic Tales Heraldic Tales Heraldic Tales OOC Revolution of an Oligarchy Story "The Council is corrupt, they are brainwashing everyone and preventing a happy life. Do not come to Havelia. You will not receive eternal happiness. I repeat, do not come to Havelia." ...is what a Heraldist would say. But these words are simply untrue and wrong. I'll start from the beginning. The Dragons were forced out of Earth during the 1500's when humans started fearing and hunting them. The wisest and most powerf
  7. ((I'll get the OOC up soon. You may now RP council members! 10 council members at a time though, so first come first serve! They will be like trainers and will all be the same in rank and power. They will not explicitly aid the hatchlings but will make important, unanimous decisions regarding Fable. This could open up a lot of side-plots and even main plots so the RP will be kept interesting c: the OOC will be up later in the day [GMT]))
  8. ((I do believe we can start role playing! Psycho Cat, you can start posting here whenever you feel like it o3o. Who would like to take first post? Also, I'll be adding my characters soon.))
  9. Reviving in process. If everyone could please post if they are here or if they are unable/do not wish to stay in the RP anymore that would make things much more easier. I will PM people who don't respond in a weeks time and we will be making a timeskip. As you may have figured out, an event will take place and that may make us all a bit more active. It also makes things slightly more interesting after the first arc (Menap Lake). So please respond, thanks c:
  10. ((We're losing him! *defibrillates*! Yes, I know I'm not the most active OP but a lot of RPs I'm in are all trying to get back on track. We should too. Please let me know if you are leaving or cannot post at the moment!))
  11. Vorgi "Books? A keen reader are you?" Vorgi felt a smile creep across her face as she looked at the small orange hatchling in front of her. She was never a keen reader herself but she soon found herself being forced to read scrolls by her own conscience. "There are some books, no, lots of books on magic in the Scholary. Too much if you ask me. Never liked books, I believed in discovering for yourself when I was training. But then again, if that's how you wish yourself to obtain knowledge, so be it." Vorgi slowly strutted outside of the classroom in a proud yet not flashy manner. She took
  12. Dustybelle was killed by an assassin who was hired by Darien to kill anyone who commented directly after her. The procedure was quick but painful.
  13. I don't think there's any further classifications than that. Unless someone comes up with a moving plant
  14. Go for it! It can tell us the relationship of one race to another and creates an almost spectrum-like element to the RP c: EDIT: Is it sort of like an Animal Kingdom classification?
  15. People Of This Thread #Over9000 groaned and shot down Path Light with 2 million paintballs, killing him and leaving a mess of paint, plastic and remains of a human
  16. Path Light died by getting bludgeoned to death by a mob of people who all were annoyed with his excessive use of Yu-gi-oh references.
  17. ((Yeah I understand. The armour she has isn't physical, it's an armour that covers her heart :3 Fairy Tail reference))
  18. Luke Language Classroom Luke decided he was not particularly fond of Mr, Linoleum and have him an icy glare. If the glare was noticed or not was not his problem and he turned his head away slightly in disapproval. He did not understand why the combat teacher was in the language classroom. Though Luke had no basis to judge Mr. Linole on, Luke still thought that he was quite dim. He chuckled to himself quietly at the thought and leaned back on his chair. He was indifferent to languages but there was a particular one he had a soft spot for... ((Short post is short. What's this world's
  19. ((Thank you! Tis been approved :3! Let the recruiting begin))
  20. ((I'm guessing that means there's NPC hatchlings?)) Aqua held her breathe. She had worked hard over the past few weeks and if she was sent home, she would be roaming around on her own; as an orphan. Aqua had learnt how to speak properly as well and could now communicate with fluency, which when coupled with her accent, was pleasant to the ear. However, this sign of warmth was often misleading as Aqua had learnt how to distant herself and was often cold to the other hatchlings. She was hostile to new dragons she did not know, often leading into a fight with some of the other hatchlin
  21. ((I guess I could post a quickie before I go)) Vorgi "Hmm, interesting. If you believe your magic to come from your willpower, then it probably does. You know your magic much better than I could ever understand it. However, if you become demoralised your magic could weaken, and if you may fall into a fit of rage your magic could get out of control. You must discipline yourself for willpower magic can be dangerous as it is powerful" Vorgi scanned the room again once more. She turned her attention to the red Christmas dragon as he replied to her question. Upon finding out that Axe
  22. I'm alive! Music exams are coming up along with several other stuff so it's been a little hectic. School has been getting in the way too. I should be able to start posting again soon.
  23. (Spoke too soon...) Plasma cut through MetalDragon like a hot knife cuts through butter