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  1. Just got a chill in the jungle.
  2. Well, I tried to be a slacker, but at the end of the 6th day my screen went dark. So, I tried baking and got a date with the Guardian dragon (Tsoko). Guess it's time to join a new club!
  3. When does Snow Wars end?
  4. I picked up 8 second gen Xmas eggs from the AP. Why won't it allow me to influence them? Under my Pink dragons I get the message "(Unavailable for breed)" under the Influence column for all 8 eggs.
  5. I did pretty good (for me) this year - 4 adults and 10 hatchies.
  6. I joined just before Halloween 2008. My first egg was a Magi (laid Oct 23, grew up Nov 1). My next three eggs were Vampires. I currently have 2,843 Vampires. They are my favorite dragon
  7. After Halloween, I decided to make some Coast Vampires to enter into the Raffle. This is my results: 32 bites 8 kept 16 killed 8 kicked to AP Looks like a 1 in 4 chance to keep a vampire
  8. OK, thanks! And I agree, there should not be a link.
  9. My "2018 Halloween event" badge on my scroll links to a "Page Not Found" error. Can this be fixed?
  10. Eggs have been dropping non-stop for at least the past 30 minutes.
  11. Go here: https://dragcave.net/locations/3
  12. There is a guide on pg.13 in the "2018-10-25 - Halloween Event" News topic.
  13. Eggs are dropping again!
  14. I raised 3 wyrms: 1 xenowyrm thalassa 1 xenowyrm pyro 1 2-headed lyndwyrm raffle says that I only raised 2 wyrms why? aren't lyndwyrms considered wyrms?
  15. Does anyone have a Green Dino egg that I can observe? nvm, finally found one on a fan site!
  16. Hmmm... My gusties became musties and kept the Influences and incubates of the gusties. Good job, TJ!
  17. Oh,so that's what happened? I lost 4 Vampire eggs during that attack! Thanks for the info, I couldn't figure out why I was singled out!
  18. Geez, I get my new release eggs and go to bed. Then I wake up to find a new egg has dropped! I jettisoned 2 glassy eggs and picked up 2 gusty eggs. now I have 4 glassy, 2 musty and 2 gusty.Hopefully there are no new eggs...
  19. That seems to be the most people have found today.
  20. Got my 54 eggs tonight I'll be checking the next 2 days to see if more are added.
  21. Got an upside down mint