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    <3 Thank You x3 to :
    WereJace & Jazeki for gifting me with some lovely BSA dragons! :-)
    ldwoodcock for gifting me with a Gold Egg! :-)
    wildesttiger615 for gifting me with a Silver Egg! :-)
    Shadowdrake for gifting me with a CB Speckle-Thoated egg! :-)
    ManateeDragon for my BDay gift of a lovely PB Winter Egg! :-)
    nxtashaxt for my 1st ever Ice: 2nd Gen Ice Egg from Ice x Pink!
    isstiautng for my first ever BRONZE TINSEL!!! 4th Gen x White from Bronze Ivy! <3
    FireMercury for my 4th gen BRONZE TINSEL from Terranze x Darkrose! <333

    }¡{..My Wishlist..}¡{
    CB/2nd Gen PB Seasonals
    A Chicken <3
    CB Ice Male and Female <3
    CB Thunder Male and Female

    CB Gold or 2nd Gen x White, Val '13 (Arsani), and Val '12 (Heart seeker)
    2nd Gen Black Female x Christmas '12 (Wrapping Wing)
    CB Black <3
    CB White <3
    2nd Gen White Dragons from White x Val '09 - '12 <3

    (3rd Gen Stairstep Bronze, Silver, & Gold Tinsels x White <3
    -BT from Darkrose x Terranze
    -ST from booo x dPTcU
    -GT from any low gen gold tinsel x white