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  1. Favorite Types: Dragon, Bug, Flying, Psychic Favorite Pokemon: Dragonite, Latias and Gardevoir <3 Favorite Shinies: Probably mareep, ninetails and eevee/umbreon, all shinies are awesome though =P
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    Thank you! Oh my gosh those birds are gorgeous! I have wanted a bird forever, they are so cute and loveable! They seem like great friends =3
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    Aaaawe your snakes are soooo cute!!! <3 I have a dog and two cats! I love all of them, but I'm really attached to my dog. I love him so much, he just always makes my day =P He's a sheltie beagle mix, and he's super silly I don't have a pic of my other cat on me though ;___;!
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    I have tried writing fanfiction, but I think they are a bit embarassing to post anywhere lol =P At the moment I am into avatar (last air bender and legend of korra), cave story, rayman, and sonic :3 I ship soooo many couples/pairings! But my otp is Quote x Curly (from cave story) <3
  5. Pisces and Pig here =P I don't take them too seriously, but some of the stuff is flattering haha, and I feel like a lot of pisces traits are pretty accurate for me, but not everything. I still don't believe in them but they're pretty fun =3
  6. For some reason I always tend to love the feminine and motherly- type characters too! I really have no idea why, I feel like it might be because I am very attached to my mother and I totally look up to that trait <3 I tend to really like characters who have a lot of admirable traits (like Iroh from avatar the last airbender) But I also like the misunderstood characters. The kind of characters who seem mean or like villains when you first meet them, but you end up learning about them and realizing they are a really good person who's just confused or in a tough situation. Gee I don't kno
  7. Yogurt and strawberries =D but I wanted pancakes D=
  8. Peaches all the way!! They have a special place in my heart (and stomach) :'D I was crazy about them when I was little, and still kind of am hehe =P buuut pinapple and watermelon are very close seconds...!
  9. Pink!!! I've loved it since I was little, it's just always appealed to me. Probably because I always think of bubblegum =P
  10. I have to pick just one?!? T__T I LOVE sweetlings and rosebuds, but I voted rosebud cause they are just soooo beautiful! I am so happy I managed to get both this year :'D