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  1. I'm looking for someone willing to trade their charizardite Y for My Charizardite X, Anyone interested? uwu
  2. Does anyone have a friend zone with either eevee or noibat? Pleaaaase, I really need these FS ;-;
  3. Idk if it was luck, but man I just got my shiny roselia through the poke radar method and in the sixth time there was quickly a shiny patch omg. Is it normal if it does that? ._. I haven't seen a shiny for a while so for me to get this shiny roselia just made my night.
  4. I'd be either a pokemon trainer or a pokemon breeder, I'd love to raise a bunch of pokemon ;~;
  5. That's what my friend told me yesterday, and I kinda doubted him since I never encountered a shiny in friend safari o.o But I searched yesterday and all I searched overall was two theories of why it's much easier to find shiny's. The first one was that if your friend is online and your at his/her friend safari it's easier to get a shiny. the other one is that since there's 2-3 pokemons then it appears there's a big chance for a shiny pokemon to appear. If any of this isn't true then it's because you guys have pure luck. But I guess no one will know until the game is cracked I guess. o3o
  6. If you see in the GTS there's a lot of people trading starters for legendaries. and people actually do trade for a starter in exchange for a legendary, I mean you can do that or either buy Y. .3. (I actually got Yveltal through the GTS, because hey why not give it a try. )
  7. Ahh good luck! Are you using masuda method or like random encounters with it?
  8. After some days I hatched 125 eggs to get a shiny eevee. finally the hunt is over. ;-; I was starting to lose hope seeing people got it around 500-700. I'm so happy! Plus it's a girl! <3
  9. Giving eevee's (of any gender/any nature) away. UvU I kinda need to get rid of some since I have four box's filled with eevee's. O.o PM me if interested.
  10. Yeah I know, but I think it's more easier since in a friend safari it pops up more often. but thanks <:
  11. does anyone have eevee in their friend safari? I'm kinda on the hunt for a shiny eevee. ;-; If you do PM me to exchange FC's. ;-;
  12. Shy-Rox

    Homestuck Talk

    can't believe I lost interest in homestuck a year ago and when I catched up this july it's been really fun and it's now closing to an end. /sob
  13. Trainer name: Shyrox Friend Code: 3540-0140-8056 please PM if you add me so I can have your FC Game version: X Pokemon I can offer: It depends what the other person wants, so PM. (but mostly all the starters kalos/kanto) Pokemon I need: Shiny eevee Unwanted shiny pokemon Foreign Dittos Kingdra Rhyperior Mega evolutions My Vivillon pattern is: Archipielago pattern My Friend Safari type is: Normal My Friend Safari Pokemon are: Aipom, Loudred and chansey. Trades only, or trades and gift giving?: Trades and gift giving Times I am/am not available to log on: I'm not logged on during 7 am - 9 pm AST time during weekdays, but I'm logged on mostly at weekends. Accepting battle challenges?: Yep! :> Recent events and changes to my lists: Suceeded getting some pokemons in my wishlist, especially my first legit shiny eevee! Still I'd like a few more shiny eevees. ;-;
  14. Trading hatched starters such as: Charmander Squirtle Chespin Froakie Fennekin any of those for a balbasaur ;-; PM if interested <:
  15. still trading starters! In my wishlist remains the two grass starters, balbasaur and chespin. I can trade for a fennekin or squirtle though the fennekin hatched a good nature (Timid) if you are looking to specialize it's special attack c: (maybe some of the other starters too let me see) PM me if interested uvu
  16. I'm hatching fennekins anyone interested in trading? I would like to get starters like balbasaur and froakie. PM me if interested~
  17. Yep I still do! I will put you in the list when I have the time. c: I shall message you for some details later and etc. @Sparkdragon: Ahhhhh, you are so so welcome! ;-; I'm glad you enjoyed it! Means a lot! /happy crying.
  18. Comission for SparkDragon Sorry for the delay. This design is beautifulll~ ahhh <3
  19. So as you can see I haven't done the remaining comissions, I am very sorry. I'll try to do them as quickly as possible this weekend. School started some months ago (and on top of that photoshop isn't working, so I'm using paint tool SAI atm) and well I've become busy, plus after a friend showed me tumblr this last summer I have been more active there than any of the sites I'm currently in. So my apologies. I hope I don't start making enemies here becuase of my long hiatus. OTL
  20. No I don't want to have a splash of water while I do so.
  21. TC: BaW MaN I HoPe tHeRe's nO HaRsH FeElInGs aGaInSt yOu aNd hIm, *gIvEs yOu fAyGo* TC: So aLtErNaTe mE, wHaT YoU AlL Up aNd dOiNg? TC:AnD YeS I AgReE WiTh yOu mY BrOtHeR, tHiS Is jUsT MiRaCuLoUs aS ThE WiCkEd eLiXiR ItSeLf. TC: HoNk :0)