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  1. Looking for bloodswap 3EG Aegis x Heartstealer checker #1 #2
  2. Wonder what's triggering the limit message when people are obviously able to pick up Hollies.
  3. I forgot about Hollys. ~Amazing~ I'm just so glad to finally have CB Marrows on my scroll. I was digging through the AP and found a CB Grave and thought some horrible glitch had happened, then I decided to check the news and dropped everything I picked up!
  4. Oh man, if you guys do this for Christmas I can finally get my Yule Buck.
  5. Anyone worried about picking up more than two of each crystal colour, just breed some dragons on your scroll to fill you up to within how many you need. I just filled myself up to 5, so I could spam click to pick up two reds. Now I'm dropping two of my bred eggs so I can spam click for green in an hour. ETC.
  6. Stuck in the bramble bush after cutting it with the sword, any fix?
  7. You are my absolute hero. I still hadn't found the cats, much less anything else. Thank you so much. I'm going to bookmark your userpage and stalk you >.> I really didn't think I was going to finish this today!
  8. Thanks! I wish this had locations, unless I'm just missing it, I'll try to find them!
  9. Is there a list posted up anywhere of all the things available each day? I have limited time so I don't want to crawl around looking, or crawl through pages on the forum. Would be super helpful if there is a list of where to go/screenshots/etc.
  10. First set hatched, so I filled up on time eggs. I hope they turn out pretty!
  11. Don't forget you can time out hatchies without using the kill command, so you can attempt as many hatchies as you want. ---- Love the lineage change the most! I bounced in and picked up four of the web drakes and three of the blue drakes. Definitely going to get some bright pinks. I can see why the Blackout theme was disabled/no longer supported, but I'm going to keep using it, I really prefer it to any sort of art on the page, lets me focus on the egg text.
  12. Wow. Best Christmas dragon yet. Can't wait to see the alts.
  13. Alright I have a very poor goldfish memory and I'm freaking out that I missed a day. I have to hang garlands up on the lamp posts. Am I caught up? It's 10pm where I am so it's reset.
  14. They are beautiful eggies. I got mine!
  15. ahreada received her chosen holly from me
  16. I wish they had used the LadyLyzar sprites that formed a circle, I loved those. The two-heads look great!
  17. Oh maaaan I love the egg potion. I wish we could collect eggs. I used it on one of my blusang, ugh /swoon
  18. Oh my word, they all look fabulous.
  19. I am so excited for the silver update. They are one of the ugliest dragons, but almost necessary to own due to their rarity. Where I have 22 CB golds (majority female because they are so beautiful), I only have 7 CB silvers. I've seen a lot of good update posts for them over the past couple years, and I just cannot wait. I feel like any update will improve them. I hope we don't have to wait for long! Also I love the horse dragons and I am thrilled, time to collect more!
  20. Whoops. I always forget about these things. I had to quickly hatch out my gold eggies, but I just picked up 7 silvers!
  21. Had to wait for one of my bronzes to hatch, but just picked up my 7th blue. So I guess I'll be back on the 8th at 5pm cave time? Somewhere around there I guess, for silver!