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  1. 「 STATUS: Healthy || Annoyed 」 「 LOCATION: The Garden 」 「 CURATORS: Basil, Isaias, Virgil, Adora, Lara, Armin, Double Trouble, Hibiki, Y'shtola, Ara, Yuuta 」 「 OTHER PARTICIPANTS: Slimes 」 Add waited until the group had quieted down. He shook his head, rolling his eyes as he did so. "I'm not going to dignify any of those inane rants with a response," he said, glancing over at Isaias. "I told you already. If you want any answers to your questions then go find someone who will answer them. I'm done playing babysitter." Add turned his attention back to the holographic s
  2. Ooh that could be interesting! I look forward you see what you come up with!
  3. I agree! I think since we're missing a few people it'll be harder to hash out the same plot as before, but we could certainly try to if you want! If we did want to do something different, I don't have any idea for a plot, but we could drop our characters someplace else or do something with the shapeshifting since we didn't really touch on it before? It's all up to you of course, and take your time! I think most of us are busy so I don't mind if it takes awhile to get things moving again. I'm just excited to see what happens.
  4. I'm good with reusing Kui! He was pretty fun to write for. If we start over, what kind of plot would we be doing?
  5. That's okay! I don't mind waiting for replies. I'm cool with either continuing from where we left off or starting a new plot if not everyone who was in the RP before is still here.
  6. I'd be up for reviving the RP! I don't think we got very far, but I had fun while it when was active.
  7. 「 STATUS: Stable || Charmed 」 「 LOCATION:Residential Hallway 」 「 CURATORS: Tovan, Xander, Lucio, Skipper, Tomori, Hornet 」 「 OTHER PARTICIPANTS: N/A 」 The hallway was an unexpectedly popular hangout. Within the span of just a few minutes, three more people had arrived and began to mingle with the rest of the group. Only one of them, the blonde girl with the twin tails, appeared to be aware of what was going on. Kaeya silently assessed the situation, watching the strangers' antics unfold with obvious amusement. The chaos of the situation assuaged any concerns that he
  8. 「 STATUS: Healthy || Wary 」 「 LOCATION: The Garden 」 「 CURATORS: Basil, Isaias, Virgil, Adora, Lara, Armin, Double Trouble, Hibiki, Y'shtola, Ara, Kanade」 「 OTHER PARTICIPANTS: Slimes 」 The contentious tone of the stranger caught Add off-guard. He blinked in surprise then threw his head back and barked out a laugh. “Ha! Were you even listening?" Add asked. "What part of ‘we can take you to people who would be great at explaining what’s going on did you not understand? Could you not hear us from on top of that high horse you’re on?” “Add,” Basil sa
  9. 「 STATUS: Healthy || Sympathetic 」 「 LOCATION: Lower Library 」 「 CURATORS: Bom-Byx 」 「 OTHER PARTICIPANTS: N/A 」 "Where...am..I?" "Oh dear," Aerith mumbled under her breath. So Add was right; instead of glitches, people were wandering around the Junction, confused as to where they were or how they got there. Based on how raw her voice sound, it appeared as though the woman had arrived in poor condition. Aerith smiled at the stranger sympathetically. Quickly, she raised her staff and held it before her. "Hold on just a second, ma'am," Aerith said. "Let's get you fixed up f
  10. 「 STATUS: Healthy || Disorientated 」 「 LOCATION: The Garden 」 「 CURATORS: Add, Basil, Isaias, Virgil, Adora, Lara, Kouji, Double Trouble, Hibiki, Y'shtola 」 「 OTHER PARTICIPANTS: Slimes 」 He was right there, just in arm's reach. The cave had started to collapse. Stalactite began to fall from the ceiling and the earth began to crack underneath Ara's feet. Ara could hear Elsword call for her, but his words sounded so distant. Aren was right there. Her brother was so close she could practically touch him. She had him. She had him, and yet, just as she was about to reach
  11. 「 STATUS: Healthy || Anxious 」 「 LOCATION: The Garden 」 「 CURATORS: Basil 」 「 OTHER PARTICIPANTS: Slimes 」 "Basil quit taking pictures of the slimes!" The brunet had squatted near a bush where two anemo slimes were dozing. Basil glanced over at Add, his fingers twitching on the rim of his Rotom Phone. "But—" "This isn't the time to be fooling around," Add snapped. Basil opened his mouth to retort but closed it when Add narrowed his eyes dangerously. Basil gave the slimes one last guilty glance. Add watched Basil stood up and then, satisfied that he would follow,
  12. In an abandoned room coated in dust, a single piece of crumpled paper lays discarded on a table. Unfolding the paper reveals that it’s a hastily-written note that reads: To whom it may concern, Welcome to the multiverse! Unfortunately, you’ve come at a terrible time. Just three months ago, an accident happened at the Interdimensional Central Hub, the largest gathering place for interdimensional communities in the multiverse. Some sort of entity, a glitch as we know call it, manifested in the middle of the ICH and instantly infected everything and everyone within
  13. 「 Sector: Five 」 「 Location: Abandoned Castle || Entrance 」 「 Allies: Kaladin, Rita, Shiva 」 「 Other Participants: Kobold, ??? 」 「 Persona: Arsène || Standby 」 The castle wasn't as abandoned after all. All it took was one passionate conversation in the middle of the entrance hall and people were popping in left and right like scavengers to a fresh kill. Except, Joker thought seriously, instead of fresh kill it was information. So would that still make them scavengers? Maybe it was more apt to claim that they were more like... sheltered teenagers getting off an
  14. 「 Sector: Two 」 「 Location: Burning Lands || Lava Village 」 「 Allies: Silver, Weavile, Mòrag, Brighid, Aymeric, Jin, Hotaru, Chris, Kirika, Lloyd, Riza, Utakata, Tovan, Kaiba, Hibiki, Peter, Renarin, Neea 」 「 Other Participants: Redd, Leigh, Drone 」 「 Stand: Locked 」 Thankfully, Redd and Leigh were quick to reel in the attention of the rapidly increasing group of strangers gathered on the dock. The murmuring in the crowd died down to hushed whispers as the projector flickered on. Quietly, Doppio sighed in relief. He was more than a little glad that someone finally too
  15. < Kui - Ceremonial Palace > Kui let out an amused huff. Were the girls worried he and Jun were going to bail on them after they already climbed up an entire volcano? Especially after they made it clear how much the ceremony meant to them? Kui craned his neck to peer over the crowd and get a better look at the stern man Miho and Kiyo were sending anxious glances towards. Kui had seen his fair share of soldiers during his time in the troupe. More than once had he performed for a stationed battalion in desperate need of a moral boost. The man in question, Miho's father as it wou
  16. < Kui - Ceremonial Palace > By the time Kui had exited the changing room, with Jun following close behind, Kiyo was waving farewell to a girl rushing towards the women's changing rooms. Kui spared the girl a passing glance. He only had time to wonder about who she was and what she and Kiyo were talking about briefly. As soon as Kui and Jun arrived at Kiyo's side she smiled warmly and complimented their attire. "C-Cute?" Kui stuttered. He ducked his head, averting his gaze to the ground as his cheeks redden in embarrassment. "I'm not...!" Kui pressed his lips into
  17. 「 Sector: Five 」 「 Location: Abandoned Castle || Entrance 」 「 Allies: Kaladin, Lelouch 」 「 Other Participants: Kobold 」 「 Persona: Arsène || Standby 」 In a delightful change of pace to the monotony of wandering a seemingly empty castle, not one, but two, different people had walked into the entrance hall. If he didn't know any better, Joker would think that he had a magical ability to attract people to him but only in weird, convoluted ways. Whether that was a gift or a curse was debatable, but one thing was certain: both of the strangers were confused and looking to
  18. < Kui - Ceremonial Palace > Kui jolted at Jun's sudden presence, squeaking in surprise. "Geez," he whispered back. "You scared me half to death." Kui pulled at the fabric of his robe, pushing his arms through the sleeves as he listened to Jun talk. "You've never seen lava before? Kui questioned. He frowned. Lavabending was undoubtedly a rare skill that even the most adept Earthbenders struggled to master. Kui didn't expect most people to be familiar with such a rare art, but thought that Jun, what with his wealthy status, had at the very least met a Lavabender before.
  19. 「 Sector: Five 」 「 Location: Abandoned Castle || Balcony 」 「 Allies: A2 」 「 Other Participants: N/A 」 「 Stigmata: Yae Sakura 」 “You are a person,” Sakura replied automatically. A2’s admission, if it could even be called that, was so outlandish that Sakura could not help but immediately refute it. Sakura frowned, fingers drumming against the grooves in Blossom’s hilt. The way A2 spoke was mechanical and detached, and why would say such strange things like “thunder will do nothing to me”? A2 didn’t have any obvious mechanical parts so she wasn’t one of Ott
  20. < Kui - Ceremonial Palace > Luckily, someone found the group before they could split up to look for help. Unluckily, the man directed the group to head inside a building and change into formal wear. Well, Kui thought the man was talking to him and his companions but as it turned out Kiyo was two steps ahead. Before Kui even realized that wearing a formal outfit was required, Kiyo was casually walked back to the ground with her clothing tided up into a more regal, formal fashion. "You cleaned up nicely," Kui said kindly as Kiyo returned to the group. It was an hone
  21. 『 Shadowpaw | DuskClan | Twoleg Commune 』 The kittypet's pet was as surprising as it was funny. Shadowpaw snickered, whiskers twitching in amusement as the kittypet shyly licked the fur on his chest. Whatever had just happened, the vision or hallucination the kittypet had, was evidentially a common occurrence, enough so for the kittypet to immediately defend himself before realizing Shadowpaw wasn't accusing him of lying. As cute as the kittypet appeared when he was flustered, his following words were more than a little concerning. "Visions aren't that uncommon in the c
  22. Rhys || friend or foe? probably foe. definitely foe The stranger, Ark he called himself, didn't appear to be as friendly as Rhys was hoping for. As Rhys spoke, Ark's eyes hardened into a glare. The sharp tips of his claw-like hand tugged at the seems of his clothing, curling against the fabric as though Ark was barely restraining himself from slashing Rhys wide open. The cold anger quickly vanished from Ark's gaze, a veil of neutrality covering right over it. Rhys was momentarily stunned. He was unsure of what he could have possibly said to warrant such sudden hostility. Perhaps i
  23. 「 Sector: Five 」 「 Location: Abandoned Castle || Entrance 」 「 Allies: Kaladin 」 「 Other Participants: N/A 」 「 Persona: Arsène || Standby 」 Things weren't going according to plan. Granted, Akira—no, he supposed he was Joker right now—didn't actually have a plan. In fact, to say that he had even considering taking a moment to lay out his options and consider the best course of action would be naively generous. What sort of plan was he supposed to come up with anyway? Just a few hours ago he was on a train leaving Tokyo, his heart still warm from the mem
  24. Rhys || time for plan b The stranger, thankfully, did not hesitate to follow. The Balrog's furious cry faded into the distance as the pair emerged from the temple's exit. Without the great arcing walls of the temple shielding him, the cold biting wind slapping him across the face. Rhys instinctively tugged his hoodie tighter over his head. Before arriving to the temple, he had been warned that a blizzard was brewing. Rhys had timed his heist so he could avoid the blizzard before the bulk of the storm arrived, but his planning including him returning to El Nath via off-road trails h
  25. 『 Shadowpaw | DuskClan | Twoleg Commune 』 If anything, the kittypet was honest. He could give the kittypet that much, Shadowpaw thought as the kittypet boldly stared directly into his eyes. He shivered abruptly, his entire body shaking intensely with emotion. Shadowpaw thought that his teasing had finally caught up with the slow-witted tom, but no. The kittypet's eyes were trained straight onto his own and yet his eyes were covered by a haze. He wasn't looking at Shadowpaw but something beyond him, through him even. It was unnerving to witness, not that Shadowpaw would admit that a