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  1. I swip , hmmm ther are so many .A new egg
  2. I have 2 but ist realy hard , to cach this wan
  3. Take a Pimk colord Dragon
  4. are the elder scrolls online gamer in the forum
  5. Its food that dragons love How can i get a chicken
  6. Yes i have problems wiht englisch , its long time away that i can talk .
  7. *play wiht poision * Phönix are interesting but a littel bitt too hot
  8. * play wiht gold * boring
  9. birdy please no fire its not so good for my *go in a cave *
  10. can i ask waht you are littel human ? *sit down om a rock *
  11. he bird don´t burn , i don´t like fire on my tail * sit ther and watch *
  12. I´m not a evil dragon , not all undead are monster.