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I accept IOUs on a case-by-case basis.

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    ~*UNDER CONSTRUCTION*~! Please pardon our mess!

    IOUs owed by me: None (Needs correction? PM me)

    5gen Sugoroku Statr x tsunamis spiral (last bred: Sept 22. Last bred true: Sept 22.
    6th gen Lung Ying Jassith x pillows stairstep (last bred: Sept 1st. Last bred true: July 26th
    7th gen Ashura's Izaya x moonstones stairstep (Last bred: Sept 17th. NEVER BRED TRUE YET)
    7th gen Isomanic x lumnias stairstep (last bred: Sept. 2. Last bred true: Sept. 2)

    5th gen Quantum Colorx hellfires stairstep (last bred: Sept 18th. Last bred true: Sept 18th)
    5th gen DivaZ x horses stairstep: (last bred: Sept 3, last bred true: Sept 3)
    5th gen Shao Shi x purples stairstep: (last bred: Aug 30, last bred true: Aug 30)
    6th gen ProwI x luminas stairstep (last bred: Aug 24, last bred true: Aug 24)
    6th gen Shao Shi x Royal Blues spiral (last bred: Sept 1 NEVER BRED TRUE YET)
    6th gen Silas Vincent x tri-horns stairstep(last bred: Sept 1, last bred true, Sept 1)
    6th gen Jewel x moonstone stairstep(last bred: Aug 30, last bred true: August 23)
    6th gen Shao Shi x GW stairstep (NEVER BRED YET)
    7th gen Layla x whites stairstep
    7th gen Jewel x luminas stairstep
    7th gen Xiaonxuan XXX x blusangs stairstep (MISGENDER, NEVER BRED)
    8th gen Silas Vincent x female silvers stairstep (ain't got no CB silvers)

    4th gen First Lucky Raffle x thunder trios (Last bred: Sept 20, last bred true: Sept 20.)
    4th gen Mystic of the 7 x tri-horns stairstep (Last bred: September 15th; never bred true yet.)
    4th gen brFA8x hellfires stairstep (Last bred: Sept 13, Last bred true: Sept 13)
    5th gen Seaglory of Christmas x Embers stairstep
    5th gen Royal Huntress x GWs stairstep
    5th gen Crazy Little Diamond x GWs stairstep
    5th gen Bilbo x blacks stairstep (MISGENDERED, typically not bred)
    7th gen brFA8x red nebulas
    7th gen Aquila's Unbelievable Filly x stones stairstep
    7th gen Royal Huntress x ices stairstep
    7th gen Satan x horses stairstep
    8th gen Magic Mustika x SWs and winters spiral
    9th gen Felix Felicis Leviosa x blusangs stairstep