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  1. I'm not going both ways on my expectations, because I would *expect* everyone to be supportive of adding additional options. I was not saying that people should remove it to show their support. That seems a bit backwards. However, if people are saying that gender is irrelevant and then are displaying their own gender, how is that logically consistent? It's not. That is all I am trying to point out with that. edit: I hope that makes sense cause I'm done with this thread. Yes, but I was talking about the specific harm due to misgendering, and how misgendering af
  2. Since so many people don't care about gender I fully expect all of those people to support removing gender completely from the posts, just not have it as an option on the forum any more AND to change their own gender to "not telling" because some people who are saying this doesn't matter actually have set their gender to be displayed in the posts and that would confuse the heck out of me except it makes unfortunate sense how people are able to brush off certain things. As for "memorization is so hard we can't memorize hundreds of pronouns I have deemed irrelevant!", do you not realize tha
  3. If gender feels irrelevant to someone that does make some sense - if we're talking about DC or other matters not related to a person's gender, and using the singular they, for example, knowing the gender of a poster might not have a huge impact. But for some people I imagine it is very important to display certain things about themselves even if others might not always care. Especially in a society which would assume that a person is one of a subset of descriptors, if you don't fit that I imagine it could be a way to have people not assume that. Or just state for yourself, as Sock said
  4. Wait, why would this be a problem if it's doable? I feel like allowing maximum inclusivity like that is a good thing...? And if as you say most people wouldn't understand different symbols, just having a word seems really intuitive as a solution.
  5. Glitch was probably for me the best game I've ever played and I imagine it will take a TON to top it in the future.
  6. *nod* So I don't get why what happened is a good reason to not allow certain characters in names. This suggestion isn't talking about opening up more stuff to the forums.
  7. I still don't see any real advantage of a limit or marker+limit over a marker. Markers mean people are able to make any decision they want with just more information than now. A limit, even if it's one that isn't that hindering, does take away some options, so if markers alone can solve the issue I'd rather that be done.
  8. I would love this. Anything that would require less clicking / fewer opened tabs would be great, and specifically hide because as has been mentioned, it can be used a lot.
  9. A lot of times most of the eggs in the AP are ones I just simply ignore because I'm not looking for those breeds. Also you can get and throw back more than seven.
  10. From AP (so I don't care what happens to them) Will abandon if not picked up soon I'll edit this post if/when I have more - done https://dragcave.net/teleport/f6e96a9906c73...210a11d790a1976 https://dragcave.net/teleport/b3c4114609bfc...a5dd8d0dc6e0294 https://dragcave.net/teleport/726d05e05b4a9...a53aa1c14681fbd
  11. How does predatorfan4ever's theme work for your contrast needs? Are the links too light? (I'm thinking if we give feedback on that, it might help TJ know what people need/want even if he wants to do his own.)
  12. Regardless of loading/whatever times, it would be really nice to have a default lite skin for people who are having problems like nausea.
  13. That looks really nice. I'd probably switch to it versus the St. Patrick's one I've been using, as the font is easier to read for me and I like the "cave" feel versus the green.
  14. aaaaaaaaaahhh nothing is okay anymore
  15. I apologize. With my own experiences, I have not been hospitalized while playing DC but I do have health issues where I would appreciate knowing my eggs weren't going to die if I had to take a break. With what I was replying to on my previous post, I have a problem with the idea of -- well it's really freaking easy to keep eggs alive, you just have to "bother to come online" -- when in cases of health it might not just be a matter of simply bothering to care. I should have mentioned that instead of just pointing to the OP and circumstances I have no familiarity with, and I appreciate
  16. It *would* be hard to keep eggs alive in context of stuff like being in the hospital, like the op mentions. The op also talks about restrictions on trading eggs that are older than a certain time limit.
  17. Personally I love the idea of having placeholders and having everything, (ideally eggs and adults both, but I'd be okay with them being separate) be in the same place. Having to move my mouse more for actions I do more still would make me personally spend less time when I am not having to take the time to think as much about where to move the mouse to.
  18. Yeah, it makes sense that we're not expecting or asking for that! I just mean that since it was brought up, we can't say for sure that it's not a possibility. I do think it's best to approach this suggestion with the idea that it won't happen, because I feel like it would take a lot to get there.
  19. I imagine it could work that if we were able to "vote" with money, TJ'd set up a list of stuff that he'd be okay with doing, where anything he vetoed just wouldn't be on there in the first place. Maybe money *would* be a real incentive for TJ / he'd be okay with quitting his job and maintaining DC full-time. Personally I don't assume that this would be the case but I also don't assume it wouldn't be. I just don't want to see discussion stifled because of assumptions. I feel like it would obviously be really great for TJ to weigh in here, but in the meantime are there things we can cont
  20. I feel like if there were crowdfunding for DC, I personally would love for the first priority or "tier" to be more communication. I stopped spending so much time in the suggestions forum because although I loved (and still love) this game very much and want to see it get better, I felt like all of our words were for nothing. That combined with seeing TJ be really snarky and even laugh at people who were putting genuine faith effort into trying to help make the game be better really discouraged me. (That didn't happen too often but still, more than I think is good.)
  21. @Lurhstaap: Dang, yeah, I know what you mean about it being hard to handle multiple things. I'm really sorry you feel so overwhelmed. You don't deserve to feel joyless. You deserve what gives you joy and you deserve to not feel awful because you're choosing to prioritize that. I've had to let stuff go, let the house be filthy and take some shortcuts* with food like pre-prepared meals and shortcuts with personal hygine. There are multiple reasons why these shortcuts aren't ideal but I try to remind myself that it's okay to not meet certain standards when meeting them impacts my
  22. Regarding the BSA forum - Is the rule that we have to, along with our support, give constructive criticism/feedback about something we think should be different / flesh out the concept more? I'm wondering if saying "I support, because I have use for this BSA" or "I support, I like X aspect of this" would be okay. That way we could support stuff that's fully fleshed out without just saying "I support" by itself. Was in the Flight Rising suggestion forum and that's how they do it - you can't just say support or no support, but have to give some reason why / detail etc. Wondering if
  23. Yeah, I definitely don't mind people in games having things I don't have, and don't mind the idea of a raffle in general, but when it affects so much of the rest of trading, it seems a bit extreme. I like the idea of being able to earn things, partly because I think earning is preferable to raffles and partly because it would, at least for me, give a feel of there being more to do on the site.