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  1. @purplehaze I was completely unaware and was so disappointed to see that egg become a pink sweetling. I really wanted a second CB black and I got that. I feel really uneasy about it and really dont like that. Hopefully this is fixed in terms of our scrolls being absolutely alt locked regardless of where we get those eggs. I'd love and appreciate to have my pink one changed to black but if thats not possible I'd much rather have it completely removed from my scroll than to keep it. Hopefully something is fixed in that regards. We'll see tho lol.
  2. Is... Is it bad that I am incredibly unhappy about the fact that I can now have a pink sweetling on my scroll? I was one of the affected scrolls that valentines that has the ability to only hatch black sweetlings. I find it unfair and unnecessary that scrolls like mine can hatch pink sweetlings from valentine biome sweetling eggs. I wanted to post this sooner but hadnt had the time nor could I log in properly. If scrolls like mine can hatch pink (or normal) sweetlings, I find it only fair that from this point forward other scrolls be allowed the ability to have black sweetlings. This is all I really have to say.
  3. So another unsuccessful attempt but still a cutie for someone to pick up. Please let me know where it went. whether a post here or a pm. Thank you.
  4. I need: to contact a user with a full PM box If you are lazybug, or know how to contact them, please contact me - thanks!
  5. I remember that before there was a thread dedicated to trying to get in contact with users whom lost an egg or something along those lines (accidental abandons, eggs lost due to being egg locked, etc) and was wondering if that was still a thing? If not, may I request that anyone that if anyone knows knows where to contact lazybug? I don't know if they are still active here or not or if anyone who is friends with them knows if they are active elsewhere. If so a contact method or someone relaying a message that I need to give them a breeding request they asked of me would be nice. I'm so sorry x.x
  6. Fully stocked now, and happy to be a part of this release~
  7. lol silly. TJ would neverdo that. I quite frankly enjoy the somewhat mean tricks he does such as the never hatching eggs but I'd doubt hed be so malicious as to make us loose hard work. :3 I need never hatching eggs in my life again.
  8. This is... uncalled for and unexpected? I snagged a few of these new release. I'm quite hapy to actually participate as my job made it impossible for me to collect FOE eggs. I'm quite disappointed in that.
  9. Thank you all so much for the kind words. I'm glad despite is simplicity, a few like it. Thank you for the well wishes as well. My foot is gonna be on a long road to recovery but hopefully it wont be too long. I hope everyone had a wonderful easter and are enjoying the event.
  10. I hope everyone liked my egg. Its the Jackalope one. I was gonna try and make it fancier but I went through hell after re-injuring my foot. I think it looks super bland. I'm sorry for my failure. ;^;