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  1. LOVE cats, currently have two and have always had a cat as a pet.
  2. I'm currently waiting for his letter, I'll be checking my mailbox every day. I just want him to write me. I want him to come back, it honestly hurts when you cannot talk to someone every single day wondering if they're okay over there. I really don't know where his first duty is going to be stationed at after he's done with training, but I know for sure it isn't going to be in New York. So while he's miles away from me now after he comes back from leave for two weeks he'll be on to another state right after. I will most definitely talk to him about it. Just being away from someone that you just want to hug, and kiss, and have face to face conversation with but can't because they're not physically there gives me stomach pains. I do want to wait around for him but the thing is if he'll wait around for me as well.
  3. Hey everyone, So I've been dating this guy that I was friends with in high school. I had the HUGEST crush on him in 9th grade (I'm a sophomore in college now)but became someone closer to him during 10th grade. He never really showed much interest in me then but body language usually told me otherwise. I had somewhat feelings for him but never acted on them and started dating this other guy at the end of 10th grade til the beginning of 11th. I transferred out of that school in October of my Junior year and started to attend school closer to my house(about a half an hour away from my old school). I didn't have his number and he didn't have a Facebook to my dismay. We lost contact and I didn't really hear from him after. I kept contact with a few friends from my old school but began to make a lot of new ones at the school I began attending after. I graduated, got my advanced regents diploma and went on to college. A lot of my friends had went away but I stood around in the city. Only two weeks after that he surprisingly added me on Facebook. He graduated from my old high school but didn't have plans for college, his plans were to go to the military. I had really no more interest in him as we'd both grown up, I figured he'd had already had a girlfriend and such so I tried to steer away from any conversation. Couple months after he first added me he messaged me again, asked me how I was, saying I looked more beautiful than I did in 9th grade. He wanted to catch up and see me in person since he hadn't seen me in such a long time. I'll tell you right now I was pretty nervous and I guess it was because I still was very attracted to him. We went out to see a movie and then he took me out to dinner. It was a blast and I didn't have THAT much fun in a while. He told me he knew he should of tried to communicate with me a lot more back in 10th grade and that he regret not doing so. We started talking a lot more after that and I'm just completely smitten by him, hanging out, having fun, just enjoying it the best we can even if we were doing completely nothing. Then, I come to remember he's leaving for basic training in June 17th and it is already April.. We spent the last weeks we had together the best we could and believe me it was the hardest thing letting him go but it's what he wanted even before we had something. I wasn't going to stop him. Recently he was given cellphone privileges and we got to talk for two days but those were the best two days of my life. I missed his voice and it was so much more relaxing to hear. Sadly, at 8pm yesterday he had to give in his phone. He's stationed in Kentucky and he told me he's supposed to come back on August 23rd before going to AIT. I'm just really hoping this time we have apart doesn't make him forget that I'm here waiting for him. I know that being with someone that is bound to a contract is very tough. Barely any phone calls, texts and little communication. I have a cousin that is a former Marine and him and his wife's marriage crumbled very horribly due to the military lifestyle. I don't know if I'm really even ready to handle more of this. It's a scary situation but shouldn't I be willing to do this if he's what I want? I just don't want this to hold either of us back from doing what we have to do... it's been so rough already.
  4. I love Pokemon Mystery Dungeon as well as Pokemon Rangers. Definitely Pokemon MD more though.
  5. I've played Happy Wars it gets kind of boring and annoying after an hour of playing it. Well for me it does lol. If you ever want to play MW3 if you got it just message me!
  6. You know you've played a game too long when your parents have walked past you about 10 times without you even noticing.
  7. Usually COD MW2/MW3/BO2 I also have FC3/Fable 3
  8. I have an Xbox 360 but I rarely play unless my friend's are online, feel free to add me if you'd like GT: Last Liz
  9. We have a right to our opinions of what we feel is wrong about Microsoft. If you feel like that's a problem then you shouldn't be here commenting on how we feel and what we find wrong with Microsoft's Xbox One and what they're doing we're entitled to do just that I don't see how that's such a bad thing. If you want to complain about how others are complaining about Microsoft just simply make your own topic. It's a discussion and in discussions there will be people, mainly majority of the people that have posted in this topic that don't approve of what they're doing with the system. Like it has been said before, to appeal to the costumers you must indeed CARE about the costumers and their needs. Clearly, Microsoft failed to do that. also, just thought some of you should have a look at this if you haven't already: Cliffy B's response to the changes
  10. I'm just officially over Xbox Done, their one interest is the money which is why they made these changes. If they can turn it off, they can turn it on once sales go up. Who knows but they've burnt bridges with many costumers already, they've lost their appeal.
  11. Still even with this change, the kinect is not optional. They only listened when people raged about it over and over again and seen what it was doing to their sales. They clearly didn't care what their consumers wanted before and they still don't care now. I still don't want an Xbox Done and I most definitely will NOT be getting one after any price-drops or so forth. They made it undesirable to me.
  12. There's really no saving themselves after this one.
  13. When I glitched under a car in BO2 and couldn't get out at ALL
  14. Believe me, it's completely unfair. I ended up transferring it to my GTA 5 pre-order which is now fully paid. I could understand if I used store credit on that pre-order ya know?
  15. It is this one. This has not only happened to me though, but has happened to a few of my friends. I am not sure if it has to do with the difference in States. I had paid one pre-order with credit that I got for trading in games, and another with cash. I went to cancel the pre-order of the game I paid in cash because it was for my nephew though he no longer wanted it. The only thing they said they were going to be able to do was to let me do was move it to the other game I was pre-ordering or to ANOTHER game pre-order. Which just completely p-ssed me off because I paid MY money for it I should be able to get a refund.
  16. Oh, haha then I must have been confused. Well, that is the Policy of the store where I am at. You cannot get credit back for the Pre-order. You can only Pre-order another System or Game. I've tried to get credit back for a few games about 4 times and they just kept making me change to a different pre-order. There was only ONE time that I got back credit for a pre-order but it was because my cousin works at that GameStop. He actually got in trouble for the transaction.
  17. Wow, that's ridiculous. Then again Microsoft is trying anyway they can to make their system seem up to par with PS4. I've also passed by my neighborhood GameStop and there has been many costumers going in to ask if they can cancel their pre-order on the Xbox Done and since GameStop's policy on that has changed they'd either have to move the Pre-order to a PS4 pre-order or to a game that is coming out soon (If I am correct) which pretty much sucks on their half. BUT, I can understand why many people wouldn't want to pre-order the PS4 so early. It does release in December so I guess they feel they should give it a few of a wait before actually pre-ordering, it is only going to be 8gbs right? Mainly the ones pre-ordering the Xbox Done are Xbox crazed fanboys.
  18. I really didn't think this would turn into such an interesting topic. May I add , I feel as if once Microsoft sees how badly their sales go down they might just realize what a mistake of a system they produced (would be pretty funny if they recalled it, wouldn't it?). What other choice would they have? They're basically telling the consumers "If you do not like our product, do not buy it" instead of giving the consumers what they want in a gaming system which is how they'll end up in a very deep dark pit. My boyfriend has a 360 but, he has never owned the first xbox that was released. We've been arguing back and forth about which system is better. He has yet to realize the cons of the xbox done and will end up getting one anyways. I've been trying my best to convince him to get a PS4 so we can play online together but it just doesn't seem that's going to happen.
  19. I was watching the Xbox One press conference with my sister, it was the most offensive thing ever. My sister (whom was a victim of rape, sadly :/) bought the first xbox that had came out as well as the 360 and is completely even against getting the One. It's such a shame they would resort to even joking about rape or trying to mask rape in jokes. Completely unacceptable. Also, I just wanted to add this is where I got the "slaying of xbox" from it was a posted on Jack Tretton's wikipedia page, they kept removing it. I wish they'd have kept it though lol!
  20. I've heard the same, or something like if you don't play for 24 hours you won't be able to access xbox live.
  21. I'd pretty much think I'd do the same haha. I sort of just died thinking about it. *revives myself*
  22. Is anyone as excited as I am that Elder Scrolls Online is coming out? Like, Pokemon X & Y, PS4, Kingdom Hearts 3 and THIS? The universe is being very kind.
  23. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS LIKE OH GODZILLA *has mini heart attack*
  24. It has been confirmed that Jack Tretton has been charged with murder for the slaying of Xbox One apparently xbox has 99 problems and it's name is one.