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  1. I've gifted End3rStorm an egg with code OyR5n, after they PM'd me with the request.~ (my pm's go to email lol) I rarely check DC these days, so I was able to breed since I haven't been hunting Valentines eggs. Hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday!
  2. Oooo these are cuties. I love the eggs, can't wait to see the adults!
  3. I suspected the gems would be easterns. ;O it's nice to see that I was right. <33 Now to go hoard more since I didn't catch that many this release! (I got here late oops)
  4. Hey, guys!~~ I don't have any current BSL dragons (I'm slacking) but bout to go hunt to start a Brute lineage, and if I find enough focus, I'll probably look into some good breeds for a checker. Thought I'd check in, I said I would since I haven't in so long, so!~
  5. I ended up with a bleeding moon dragon. T-T imo blacktips and bleeding moons don't go together.. and my cave is also mostly decorated with blue so she almost blends in uggghh. At least the event was fun~~ ..
  6. same. ;~; did they all go in hiding or what, siiigh. I've got a pretty pink visiting me right now. She's alright, but wants more meat, and I refuse to give that, in hopes that the pretty Ms. Undine returns~
  7. This copper has been hanging around for a while... Still holding out for the undine to come back, I don't like the copper. :c And I decorated for that darn undine! why'd she leave ;-; *sniff*
  8. Now I've got a canopy.. I hope the undine comes back! :c
  9. I miss the pretty undine that was hanging around. Now I've got a black, but I doubt she'll stay because she wants meat... Oh undine, please come baaackk..
  10. Sooo.. my undine wandered off, replaced by a fog thst should be a pyralspite? o3o edit;; aah, I was going to try a hard refresh but now I have a copper.
  11. My blacktip boy attracted an undine. She likes the mana selection, but wants more shinies... But I have full in both. XP Silly undine lady! I hope she stays though, I captured princesses for her!
  12. The potato story. Oh my god, I can't deal with it. It is great.
  13. I looove this one~ The background goes so well with what you've put in it! It looks so nice~~ Wish I had picked one of the biomes that are prettier, I have Coast and there's only a little trickle of water. XP So my boy has just collected pretties in piles! Still.. Themed (to the background) would have been easier in my opinion.
  14. I love how my den looks~~ So far he's attracted a Harvest yesterday, and today a Deep Sea dragon. :3 I made changes after he attracted both, so I'm not sure what will come by next..~
  15. Last year's are considered winged easterns.. But yes I'm hoping these are an eastern breed too! And I really am looking forward to seeing what color the adults turn out.. I'm really excited about these this year!
  16. The tension on the thread right now is kind of stress-inducing. Js. Congrats to all the raffle winners this time! I didn't win (not surprised) but maybe next time~ or the redraw? can always hope.
  17. Both my second gens changed.. Now I have 4 of the rosy winged Solstices. XP rebreeding for lines next year, siiigh.
  18. A single day left of the holiday event. Hope everyone had fun with it~ And a Happy New Year to everyone on Dragon Cave. ^^
  19. I've bred my Wrapping wing x Grave egg, and will have nice checker next year. <3 I have yet to breed my Holly I was gifted last year.. But she'll have 5th gen stair with male white babies~ I think I'm going to wait till Christmas to breed her.
  20. Heading off to breed pairs to set up for next year. <3
  21. WolfLover8

    The Evil Project

    This is a brilliant plan. > I would like to be a part of this evil plan! Scroll Name and Link: WolfLover8 Your best evil laughter: Wolf slowly smiles, showing sharp bright teeth and laughs, quietly at first, then growing to a loud roar of a noise. "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAA, BWAHAHAHA MWAHAHA..." She fades off with a cough, as if slightly embarrassed. "Sorry, too much?"
  22. I hope I can find a couple more 2nd gen PB graves when my 2014 eggs hatch.. both that I caught gendered female. Oops. Lol.
  23. I only ended up getting 5 eggs of previous breeds this year: 2 graves, 2 walkers, and a pumpkin. Probably just because I was really lazy with searching for lineages.. XP But I've got a great lineage set up for next year!! Keeping slots open now for tomorrow.. Planning on catching right away in the morning.. <3