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-- My Scroll -- The Hope Lineage -- NDER -- Hybrids- semi/lit rp -- TriQNZo.pngV9352Tf.png-- BSL Lineage -- Hoarder's Anonymous -- -- My avatar was made by lovekite@dA for me, so please don't steal! --


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    Content in my tiny corner of this vast world.
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    Either call me Rain or Wolf, one of the two.

    Wolves & dogs are my life, as well as my friends & family.
    I'm an artist, writer, and reader; I love soccer, animals, and my music. I'm also obsessed with Wolf's Rain(Toboe~<33) and, of course, DC.


    If I see you post on an event thread that you missed a Holiday drop, you may find a CB egg/hatchie being sent your way. ^^

    - CB Radiant Angel hatchie (Val-2014)


    -Daydreams (of ANY lineage)
    -Albinos (of ANY lineage for freezing)
    -CB Pinks
    -Any pretty lineage
    -Prize dragons & metalics (can't I wish?)

    Willing to trade for anything listed above; thanks to those who have given me gifts! :)

    I will breed on request, depending on what it is. Shoot me a pm!

    I need the following:: [[ H:halloween, C:christmas, V:valentine ]]

    --(H) 3EG Pink from Female PB Shadow Walker and Male PB Pink