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  1. CLOSED!! You can still follow the gifted prizes via the blog. The blog will not be taken down. I hope you all have had fun with this thread. It is with much regret that I must close it. With hugs, ~Sunny
  2. Temporarily Banned List Permanently banned List ditisleuk - thread scamming Dixie 2000 - releasing a gift Dragonbox - thread scamming erastes - thread scamming gistofeverything - requested to be on this list PudingWolf - thread scamming Remy400 - thread scamming Snowfl - thread scamming Tempestsea - freezing a gift without free_of_whip - thread scamming
  3. February 2013 Gifts! - 38 Tinsel gifts were given this month! March 2013 Gifts! - 15 Tinsel gifts were given this month! April 2013 Gifts! - 9 Tinsel gifts were given this month! May 2013 Gifts! - 4 Tinsel gifts and 54 Shimmerscale gifts were given this month! June 2013 Gifts! - 7 Tinsel gifts and 75 Shimmerscale gifts were given this month! July 2013 Gifts! - 5 Tinsel gifts and 30 Shimmerscale gifts were given this month! August 2013 Gifts! - 1 Tinsel gift and 14 Shimmerscale gifts were given this month! September 2013 Gifts! - 2 Tinsel gifts and 9 Shimmerscale gifts were given this month! October 2013 Gifts! - 1 Tinsel gift and 3 Shimmerscale gifts were given this month! November and December 2013 Gifts! - 6 Tinsel gifts and 7 Shimmerscales were given in November and December! January 2014 - 7 Tinsel gifts and 9 Shimmerscale gifts were given in January! Feburary and March 2014 - 2 Tinsel gifts and 1 Shimmerscale gift were given in Feburary and March. TOTAL GIFTS from Feburary 2013 to March 15, 2014: 97 Tinsel Gifts202 Shimmerscale Gifts
  4. Each month will be archived to a blog post which will be created at the end of the month. Anyone will be able to view previous months, but only the moderators will have editing power. Format to be used (keeps it standardized and simple): Giving a visual example to show exactly what I want for the list to look like. It should be easier with having a visual guide to what I want. This will allow me to convert the list into html much easier if the list is the example exactly.) Thank you, my dear updaters! I am also trying out TWO gift lists - one for tinsels, one for shimmerscales. I need to find what is the easiest for the updaters, so please let me know what what's easiest for you, updaters (send feedback to my simkim account, please). Please follow the example, including the colon. 8-1-1969: StargateRock (traded) --> Timetraveler --> [url=http://dragcave.net/lineage/M3iRZ]Pink Balloon[/url] You can follow the progress of past prize dragons by checking out the archives of the gifts on the blog - I will not close that down.
  5. Also known as Third Place Prizes Tinsel List (20 Spots Max) CURRENT STATUS: Twenty Spaces Available 1. 2. 3. Shimmer-scale List (20 Spots Max) CURRENT STATUS: Twenty Spaces Available 1. 2. 3.
  6. Also known as Second Place Prizes Tinsel List (20 Spots Max) CURRENT STATUS: Nineteen Spaces Available 1. 2. 3. Shimmer-scale List (20 Spots Max) CURRENT STATUS: Twenty Spaces Available 1. 2. 3.
  7. Also known as First Place Prizes Tinsel List (20 Spots Max) CURRENT STATUS: Twenty Spaces Available 1. 2. 3. Shimmer-scale List (20 Spots Max) CURRENT STATUS: Twenty Spaces Available 1. 2. 3.
  8. Just copy and paste the information inside the code box to your reply box. Then fill in the information that we ask for. ~~~~~~ Do you need help finding your PM code? Well, here's how! Even comes with visual guides! Cool, eh? To find your PM code, simply look at the bottom of any post you have made on the forums - there is a link to your PM right there. Click it, copy the URL, and paste that into your application. If you need visual guides, click here for a screenshot or here for a slideshow to illustrate this. ~~~~~~ For submitting an application for the GOLD LIST [IMG=http://tj.k.vu/1GJ.png] [b][size=5]Which Prize Breed: [/size][/b] [b]Want clean, inbred, or for freezing: [I](This applies for tinsels only)[/I][/b] [b]Forum ID: [/b] [b]Scroll Link: [/b] [b]PM Link: [/b] [b]Proof you read the rules: [/b] [b]I agree to the terms and conditions: [/b] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For submitting an application for the SILVER LIST [IMG=http://tj.k.vu/1GK.png] [b][size=5]Which Prize Breed: [/size][/b] [b]Want clean, inbred, or for freezing: [I](This applies for tinsels only)[/I][/b] [b]Forum ID: [/b] [b]Scroll Link: [/b] [b]PM Link: [/b] [b]Proof you read the rules: [/b] [b]I agree to the terms and conditions: [/b] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For submitting an application for the BRONZE LIST [IMG=http://tj.k.vu/1GL.png] [b][size=5]Which Prize Breed: [/size][/b] [b]Want clean, inbred, or for freezing: [I](This applies for tinsels only)[/I][/b] [b]Forum ID: [/b] [b]Scroll Link: [/b] [b]PM Link: [/b] [b]Proof you read the rules: [/b] [b]I agree to the terms and conditions: [/b] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Report the Prize Dragon Gift YOU got through the Thread (this is so we know who has gotten a prize dragon now and doesn't need to be added to list or needs to be removed from the list!) [IMG=http://tj.k.vu/1GO.png] [b]Forum ID: [/b] [b]Scroll Link: [/b] [b]Who Gave It to YOU?: [/b] [b]Lineage Link of your new Gift: [/b] [b]Color and Species of Prize Dragon Gift: [/b] [b]Date: [/b] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Report the Prize Dragon Gift that YOU got Outside the Thread If You Are On A Prize Dragon Gift List (this is so we know who has a Prize Dragon and whether the new Prize Dragon Gift creates an opening on the list). [IMG=http://tj.k.vu/1GP.png] [b]Forum ID: [/b] [b]Scroll Link: [/b] [b]Who Gave It to YOU (or Traded/AP/Cave)?: [/b] [b]Lineage Link of your new Gift: [/b] [b]Color and Species of Prize Dragon Gift: [/b] [b]Date: [/b]
  9. Christmas 2010 Prize Dragons (which turned out to be never-seen-before Tinsel Dragons) were given out to winners of a Christmas Tree Decorating Event. Users could vote for their favorites. After user votes were done, TJ chose winners from the pool of trees that got the most votes. (At least, I think so, anyway.) Christmas 2011 Prize Dragons (which turned out to be Tinsel Dragons so more people now have CB Tinsel Dragons - lucky them!) were given out to winners through a raffle. You earned a raffle ticket by participating in the Story-telling event. You collected little cute icons and read cute short stories. Each day brought a new raffle ticket, I think. (Don't quote me on this.) Christmas 2012 Prize Dragons (which turned out to be never-seen-before Shimmer-scale Dragons) were given out to winners of a raffle. Raffle tickets were gotten by doing red-star recipes of a cooking event. You'd collect the basic ingredients, then once you had all of them, you were able to collect red-star recipes. You had to figure out how to make basic recipes that would become ingredients for the red-star recipes. I think the total possible of tickets for each person was 40 raffle tickets (as that's how many red-star recipes could be made). Christmas 2013 Prize Dragons have a bit of a twist this year. BOTH Tinsels and Shimmerscales were given out as Prize Dragons to the winners of the raffle! In order to enter the raffle, you had to participate in the Snow Fort event and max out at Level 25. TJ threw us a curveball by adding a new max level of 50 and more items to use. But you have only to reach Level 25, in order to qualify for one free raffle ticket.
  10. RED TEXT and GREEN TEXT are used by moderators - do not use either color (in any shade of these two colors) - they are how moderators post and how you can tell immediately if it's a post that you need to read. (Some of the mods also bold for better clarity and ease of catching people's attention!) Do not use the color #040b94 as that is Sunny's special color only. It will reflect non-critical information, but always information that is useful. Everyone should read BOTH sections. For Everyone! An user asked a question on the VERY last day of 2013! Thus I am answering on the very first day of 2014. She asked if "prize fails" can be requested in this thread. The answer is no. This is a thread dedicated to gifting prize dragons. However, I shall not leave those who want non-prize dragons from a prize lineage wanting. Tinsel-kin Thread Shimmer-kin Thread And for unusual lineage breeding needs: Room of Requirement Thread ~~~ For Gifters: For people wanting to gift a prize dragon, please gift to someone whose application has already been accepted. Ideally, gift to someone who is on one of the lists below this post. If the people on the lists already have the colour/breed of the gift you are gifting, then feel free to look for an applicant on here, but please only applications that have been marked as approved by a moderator. Also if you saw an user listed that already has that colour and breed - then please pm one of the mods and let one of them know. (No longer applies to Tinsel breed applications.) Please do NOT use the donor form UNTIL the gift HAS been accepted.This is so it doesn't confuse the updater as to who got the gift. This is the donor form that you should use AFTER the gift is passed on safely. Some giftees forget to post, this is the check/balance system to make sure we know who needs to go off the list. [IMG=http://tj.k.vu/1GN.png] [b]Forum ID:[/b] [b]Gifted What Prize Dragon (lineage link is requested): [/b] [b]TO WHOM (their forum id): [/b] Instead of pm'ing one person at a time - you are allowed to pm however many are on the list - first serve, first come.Mention that you want a pm back from the person who got it, but no pm from the others that didn't get it. This is to reduce the "no-response" or "I can't take it cos I'm egglocked" or any other reason. Alternatively, you can do a FFA teleport link in the thread. For users who want to know where their eggs go, they can do a teleport link - they may do a dummy egg trade link - as long as it is CLEAR that a dummy egg is asked for and why. If someone on the list snagged such an egg, then I expect that person to post that they have gotten it - using the correct code format. If somebody outside the thread snagged it, then ah well, it got a home. This can be useful for someone who doesn't want to go through the hassle of PMs. Or does not have time to spend on PMs. Or for whatever reason. I suggest that you immediately influence the egg to be correct gender -- IN CASE the egg hatches and you have to redo the teleport link for a hatchie. This will prevent the "but it isn't influenced" excuse. Hatchies keep their influences (hopefully they don't fail influence). Eggs do NOT keep influences when teleported, so giftees will have to re-influence the egg. ~~~ For Giftees: How to get a prize dragon gift/In order to be eligible for any prize dragon: You must have at least a bronze trophy level scroll. You must have a male and a female ADULT bsa pink dragons for influencing properly. You must NOT already have the same color of the dragon breed you are requesting. (No longer applies to Tinsel breed applications.) If you must fog a sick egg or hatchling, please take a screenshot of the egg/hatchling with its code and PM the picture to simkim's account. If you are found with a fogged egg and no screenshot, you will be removed from the list and you will have to apply again to get back on the list.Some of you aren't sure how to send a screenie to the account inbox. Not to worry. Here's the answer! With hearts or swirls? Your scroll must NOT be hidden (or have adults hidden). If it is found that your scroll is hidden while you are on a list, you will be removed from the list, warned via PM and you will have to reapply to get on the list. Do not hide your scroll AT ALL until you are officially off the list. You must agree to continue any naming pattern the gifter asks of you. You must breed your prize dragon to the best possible mate in order to continue if possible. If you don't have a cb sweetling, for example - you can change it into a Valentine's themed lineage, for example. Be creative if you get gifted an egg whose lineage is not able to be continued the way it should be because of no cb mates or some other reason. You must check your PMs regularly. If you do not respond to a gift message within 48 hours, you will be removed from the list. You are welcome to reapply when you have more free time. IF we have to remove you three times, you will be put on the Wall of Shame - it's polite to respond to a pm and accept a gift (if that person was first in offering you a gift) - you should respond to others who offered, but you're no longer eligible for those due to the first offer. You should let people know that you already got your egg, if more than one was offered. This gives the person time to offer to others. If we find out you accepted more than one gift, you will have a lovely trip to the Wall of Shame for "thread scamming". If you receive a prize dragon that you are listed for in any way (gift, trade, AP), you must report it in the thread using the correct form so that you can be removed from the list. If you gift a prize dragon to a lister, we also request that you use the form below to report it. You must use the correct application format for the list that you want to be on. Otherwise, the mods might not even see you. Oh and there are two answers for the proof line. Read carefully and you will find them - they may not be written as questions and could be anywhere or part of a rule. Remember that Sunny can be extremely sneaky in her placements of the proofs. They will look out of place and won't have anything to do with rules or faq. They are somewhere in THIS post only. You may only apply for one color of one prize dragon at a time. Don't panic, the thread isn't going anywhere so you have plenty of time to snag the other colors of the prize dragons. THIS MEANS YOU CAN ONLY BE ON ONE LIST AT A TIME!!! Special Rules for Tinsels:You MAY request a Tinsel, even if you already have one or more of that breed and color. Just keep in mind you can only be on one list at a time and that you must report your gift using the correct form. You can reapply AFTER you have been removed from the list. You MAY specify whether you want a clean lineage, an inbred lineage, a messy lineage or one for freezing. You MAY NOT request a specific lineage. UnValentine or Yummy Valentine? If your application is rejected, read the rules again and figure out why, and then post a new application with the corrections. Most of the mods will even tell you why right in their responses. DO NOT go back and edit your previous application, just post a new one for us - even if an update has not yet run - this is to make sure nobody falls through the cracks, hopefully.Please have patience in terms of your name appearing on the list you applied for. Check to see if there is a "Thread updated to this post" entry *after* you made your post. If not, then nobody has been into this account to be able to make the update. You will be added as soon as we are able to do so. If there has been an update and you got missed, then please politely quote your original post to remind us - the updater is only human and occasionally can miss things! That's why we have crazy codes to catch the eye of the updater! Things that get you banned:Being on the list is a priviledge. Have common courtesy to check your forum pm at least once a day and maintain one free eggslot. If you cannot check forum pms once a day due to RL or something, have the courtesy to post and say that so that the updater can remove your name from the list and let on another person who applies for the list. Manners matter! Not doing so will get you removed from the list for non-response AND you will no longer be allowed on any lists again. Refusing a gift is grounds for banning.Refusing a hatchie just because it might not be influence is not a reason to refuse. That's outright telling the gifter that the gift isn't good enough. And that is extremely rude. Which means you'll get banned. Accepting more than one prize dragon of the same color while you are on that prize dragon list earns you an one week temp ban. Doing so a second time gets you permabanned. "Just thought I'd try" when you know you should not be posting (ie list is full, you are not eligible due to no trophy, no BSA pink dragons, etc) will result in a one week temp ban. This is to discourage "line-cutting". Posts that try to call dibs will result in a one week temp ban. Being rude, whining, begging will earn in a two week temp ban. Using bite, EQ BSA, anything that endangers the life of your prize dragon gift earns you a month long temp ban. Trading away your prize dragon gift for something else, giving it to someone else not as part of a trade, releasing to the wild, freezing (unless received as a freezing gift), or killing it will earn you a lifetime ban. Hiding scroll while on a list (after being warned the first two times) will get you permabanned on the third time. More methods to get banned will be listed as they come up. We would rather that you don't get banned so that you can spread the love. Other infractions will be up to the mods/updaters. After three strikes you will BE BANNED forever from this thread.
  11. Primary Mods - They update the lists along with approving or denying applications. Respect them. Listen to them. They can greylist or even blacklist you. The links lead to their profiles - you can send one of them a PM from there. All primary mods will sign their nick so that everyone knows who did which update. simkim - I am the owner of this thread. Many people call me Sunny and I sign posts as Sunny. ~~ This thread is closed - hence, no more moderating. Rinah was the one who started the idea of spreading our love around, wanted to "pay it forward" so that everybody could get a tinsel without going mad for inability to meet the wants of a tinsel owner for their tinsels. She began the thread named "Gifts of Tinsel!" but has been gone for a long time so the reins have been put in Sunny's hands. Also, Rinah came up with the motto - "spread the love" and created an irc channel named "spreadthelove". She had RL issues for a long time and the channel became unregistered, until Sunny registered it and saved it so that Rinah's legacy could keep on giving. Shalora did most of the updates on the old Tinsel thread. She cared for the thread and made sure it stayed functional. Often, she would breed her tinsels to gift to people on the lists. RL issues have her busy now, so she is no longer a current primary mod. She deserves a lot of respect for the hard work she has done for the Tinsel thread, for giving a lot of people beautiful tinsels, and for being a wonderful person! Coyote has retired as a moderator for this thread. We will miss him and his wonderful moderating. Alas, RL wants him much more and we shall have to let him go serve the reality of RL instead of the reality of DC. Remember - what is real? We wish him well with his life. Thank you for your hard work on this thread, we are sorry to see you go as a moderator. (There are more special people, will add them later - I felt it important to make sure that Rinah was recognized as the one with the concept of "spreading the love" immediately - and I write up something for each special person. May have been a previous mod, may have been artists, may have been this or that! ) 3-15-2014: I never got enough time to do more blurbs of special people. But be known, every single one of you are known to me, are very special to me, and always will have a place in my heart. We welcome MORE artwork - we like showing off pretties! And if there's more avatars or signatures, I can rotate them - the way TJ's avatars and signatures change every page refresh, but the general idea is that ALL your hard work in artwork will be happily shown off. Always credited, as well. Go git 'em - create with all your heart and love of this thread! The artwork should reflect: spreading the love, gifting of prize dragons, paying it forward, so forth. You get the idea. One VERY important rule: Mysfytt's sprite alt, Jewel, is NOT to be used in any artwork. Anything containing her sprite alt shimmerscale will not be shown here. I have obtained Marri's permisson to use her sprite alt, Penk, in any artwork for this thread. So feel free to make avatars or banners with Penk in them. Avatars 100px by 100px is the size of an avatar on this site. Knock yourself out! <-- by Sunny <-- by Mysfytt <-- by Mysfytt For Signatures - No bigger than 550px wide x 200 px high, please. Other than that - knock yourself out! <-- by Sunny [URL=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=146374][IMG=http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac184/bouhaki/DC_pics/gopbanner_zpseefb8773.png][/URL] <-- by Bambi_2229 [URL=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=146374][IMG=http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac184/bouhaki/DC_pics/gopbanner_zpseefb8773.png][/URL] <-- by Bambi_2229 [URL=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=146374][IMG=http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac184/bouhaki/DC_pics/gopbanner_zpseefb8773.png][/URL] <-- by Mysfytt [URL=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=146374][img=http://i877.photobucket.com/albums/ab337/skorpyann/Dragcave%20stuff/gift-of-prize-banner_zps9f4fb531.gif][/URL]
  12. {This thread is approved by rubyshoes and _Z_ - thanks for being of great help!} 03/15/2014 Hi, folks! Last month, during Feburary, there was a death in my family. A very precious person to me passed away, but I was able to reach her before she died a few hours later. I'm still hurting, it's still surreal. But that's the way life is. I know she's no longer in pain. That I hold her memories dear in my heart and brain. That's how I'm getting through this. As for the thread that I've worked on. There has been a steady decline in donors AND applicants. I've lost the desire to keep this thread, blog, going because it just doesn't excite me anymore. I don't see any reason to be excited and happy. Both tinsels and shimmerscales are pretty common nowadays. Maybe with the next Christmas raffle, there'll be a new prize dragon out, but this thread won't reopen for that. I've been with this thread through 3 versions, through a lot of changes, and it's time to put the thread to sleep. If anyone else wants to do a similar thread to mine, then they are completely FREE to copy any ideas, rules, whatnot from my thread AS long as credit is given where due. Keep on spreading the love, please! ~Sunny 03/13/2014 Updated List. I'm closing this down on Saturday March 15. I no longer can do this thread for various reasons. Any applications before (and on) March 15 will be honored. Any after March 15 will not be. With hugs, ~Sunny 02/01/2014 OMG - we're heading into the red heart zone! Feburary is a month for romance, friendships, and just in general peace and love for all, yes? Cheers! ~Sunny At the end of each month, I will archive each month's news (they'll have gone stale, by then, tee hee). Who are the Mods? / Special People / Artwork FAQ and Rules (a must read) Breeds of Prize Dragons Forms to Use Gold Lists Silver Lists Bronze Lists Yay for Gifting Monthly Archives Links Wall Of Shame (In the white box - type a nick that you'd like to use before you hit the connect button.) There is often someone who's a mod in the IRC chatroom that can answer your questions. I am always there, but I may be idle sometimes. I always peek in every so often (unless I'm asleep or out on errands). Also, the chatroom is intended to be a place where people can chat about anything they want, doesn't have to be JUST about prize dragons, but can be anything. I only have two rules: Be nice to each other. Follow the DC ToS. At the end of the month, we will have the thread wiped clean along with the month's worth of update links. This way, we remain a thread that is easy to navigate. (And the month's list of gifters will be archived on a blog post.) Closed on March 15, 2014