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Dream dragon: 2th gen Shimmer from the Bronze Shimmer Satan.Also wanted and other gens from Satan. I can do shimmer swaps. I'm obsessed with Black Dragons, will take any hatchling! 55555h.jpg Teogony.pngI always honor my IOUs

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    Wishlist:♥ BLACK DRAGONS ♥, shimmerscales , 2CB Golds.

    Want a Shimmer? PM me and we can discuss a IOU. I will give Shimmers in exchange of Black Dragon Hatchlings of any lineage.

    1. My sister owes me 10 hatchlings/eggs for a Shimmer egg. -IOU done-

    I must breed for her: 3 more Shimmer Eggs 0/3 sent

    Black Dragon combinations I need:

    1.(Most wanted) 2th gen Black from Black Sweetling
    2. 2th gen Black from any Shimmer
    3. 2th gen Black from spriters alts
    4. 2th gen Black from all Holly's
    5. 2th gen from from all common/uncommon mates
    6. Any Evergen, PB, Stair, Spiral lineage

    Want an egg from any of my dragons? I will breed is for free, or if you want, I will take 1 black dragon hatchling in exchange.