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  1. TFW you forget to pick up an egg when you had all day to do it. They look kind of like fire, are they jack-o-lantern based?
  2. Seconded, I don't like having to scrounge around random people's scrolls to unlock what I need just so I can search for trade offers. It also helps with searching for breeds I own but technically haven't unlocked because I owned them pre-encyclopedia update.
  3. Ironically, I think that was a very 'Adachi' thing to do. Sorry to hear that though
  4. Were http/links really not allowed? That really needs to be on the main site itself. It would be nice to give others pages with more info. I imagine that usually whats linked really helps people get across what they're looking for, so maybe allow people to list links on the tele page? For example, you see a trade you like and it displays the 'Wants' description. When you click on the trade, more info is in the teleport page. Under the egg/hatching(s) the offer-er could list a small series of links to whatever they need. If the mod team is worried about having to verify all the links
  5. More pygmies and glowing things? Don't if I do.
  6. Temporarily removing search options for Holidays while out-of-season would also reduce the drop down size and let people sort faster, so thats a bonus.
  7. Finally got around to breeding my Gustitch. Black-teas make the food naming stick and make pretty lineages to boot, so went with that. Egg is tJcsY from female Gustitch x male Black Tea if anyone would like to swap.
  8. ^^^This Black Truffles probably need that oil to hunt or keep their skin healthy. But there's only so much they can spare at once before they're squeezed dry. You can still argue "But just tame the Truffles!" but in-lore dragon tamers pretty much raise the dragons from birth, ensuring the dragons know them their whole lives. Money makers don't have time for that- they want the oil cheap and they want it now, as much as they can get. Yeah they could take hatchling/adults, but what reason would the dragons have to trust them? That they wouldn't be abused? Its much easier and safer to h
  9. I have two, but just planning to have this be a Gustitch. Nice portmanteau, by the way. ~view link changed to lineage link~