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  1. that or they are off to the side so u could arrange it yourself.
  2. im good with anything and they have been sent ^^
  3. woohooo who wants flowers? and what kind? and would send one back ?
  4. sent you a black/purple iris ^^
  5. sent you a flower ^^ ty for the branch
  6. i want some of those pretty white and red branches. X3 i'll send anyone flowers if they send me some of those. lol. just quote so i know who sent.
  7. I sent u a pretty yellow flower ^^
  8. oh i loved floral class i took it back in high school too but it was apart of our ag department. we also had a built garden, and lived animals.
  9. going to be sending to random people in this thread.
  10. i think it would be in your vase.
  11. waiting for 5 minutes takes forever....
  12. D: i haven't even get to check out the event yet. i wouldn't know who to send the flowers to...
  13. yeah i got mine two. no cool code. tho happy with mine two.
  14. awwwww they stopped dropping? nvm i got my two
  15. caught one woohoo. trying to get my second.
  16. 7 minutes!!!!!!!! Can't wait.
  17. woohoo nvm i got them X3 so yey now i just need to wait for the new ones. if anyone tho is looking for the past ones i can still breed them for ya. just send me a message.
  18. anyone breed has last year vday dragons? all mine are breed able if anyone wants one.
  19. I would like to request a 2nd or 3rd Perfect Dorkface! Thank you! ^^ i would like either second or the third to be mated into the holly egg i have that is a 3rd gen its a long shot.
  20. Caught both mine this year ^^ both great even gens. one an adult the other i caught today i went into the ap and bam there it was. clicked didn't think i would catch it since there was like 43 other people that were in there, was shocked i got it.