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  1. 5 hours ago, Moonbeam22 said:

    As someone who joined this game in 2011 and has recently been consistently active... are Thuweds still sought after/rare? I have several on my scroll, and I was curious if they're rarer or easier to obtain compared to 2011-2013 or does anyone still care about them? Lol. I have some really nice lineages I could breed if anyone is after one

    I love Thuwed eggs. I still collect them even tho I'm not on all the time.

  2. I want to request a gift!
    Forum Name: purple3485
    Scroll Name: purple3485
    Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/purple3485
    Message Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=199574
    Today's Date: 2/11/2020
    Will you accept an inbred dragon?: no
    Will you accept a messy lineage?: no
    Dragon Breed List to be placed on: Sweetling
    (Optional) Any specific conditions that must be met?: 2g from Alt Sweetling and black marrow unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/klluZ

  3. 17 hours ago, tjenni said:

    YES! I managed the nearly impossible, a PB 8th gen Thuwed that includes 64 Thuwed pairs out of the 66 regular Thuwed pairs (not Split, Drake or Pygmy)

    The only ones not included are Spring x Neotropical (stairstep), Calm Aegis x Azure Glacewing and Mutamore x Moonstone


    Please note, it is a fake 9th gen, since the CB Alt Vine and CB Alt Black count as 2nd gens!)


    To anyone who wants the first offspring: https://dragcave.net/lineage/IjCYa - Claim my eggs/hatchlings! claimed


    edit: and here is a 4th gen PB Pygmy Thuwed (from all Thuwed Pygmy pairs) Claim my eggs/hatchlings! claimed


  4. A lot of you have been most generous in helping to donate eggs over the last year to help with my project. I finally have enough to have a non-inbred, even gen 7th gen after a few of these grow up and hatch! So excited. Here are a few that will be bred next week. If anyone wants an egg of any gen let me know.


    5g will be bred to this 5g. This 5g egg will be bred to this 5g egg when they grow up and Ill finally have a 7th gen!


    I will continue it as far as I can take it so if you know of anyone willing to donate or trade eggs please let me know! Thank you again for all of your help! Now on to catching up with my reds breeding!

  5. prple


    I was going to wait a bit before sharing but since TJ has said they are protected from sickness I couldn't wait! Haven't decided on a name yet but I love that I got my code! Congrats to the other winners and thank you so much TJ!