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  1. @HeatherMarie I know how you feel. When we moved to our current house I was so excited because we lived near multiple schools and there were lots of kids in the area. We got 7 trick or treaters that year. That is what inspired me to decorate Oct 1st and add to it every year. Kids saw the decorations while out with their parents and the next year we had 30 and each year grew until last year we had around 100. It was the best year and I'll never forget the joy on their faces as multiple kids said "I have been waiting all month to come to this house!" It made it all worth it.
  2. I love Halloween. Every year we put up my decorations by Oct 1st and I also add to the decorations at my house. I don't like to scare little kids so I decorate in fun ways with lights and creative cute props. This year the big addition is a homemade replica of Zero the dog from Nightmare Before Christmas and his Doghouse. Also I added a set of three pumpkin that talk, tell jokes, make funny faces, sing and other things. They are projected animated pumpkins on uncarved pumpkins not animatronic. My wife and Kids are just as in to it and we all dress up. Yesterday we went to the local pumpkin patch for our yearly visit and spent the afternoon doing corn mazes, riding rides, enjoying the petting zoo etc.. And then all through October we drive around at night on different days and look at the lights and decorations people have put up. It's such a great fun time for our family.
  3. HeatherMarie, I appreciate the info. I did key word searches to look for similar topics and didn't find anything probably because I didn't think to use the word clutch. I think this might be up for consideration still since I believe a BSA is very different than a whole game mechanic change and could solve the Lineage Building issue while not allowing people to hog every egg they ever make. it would definitely have the trade off TJ mentioned built in to the limits while not affecting the game as a whole. I agree that Holiday or Event dragons should be excluded from this idea if it were to get past the initial stage of discussion.
  4. Wonderful thoughts. Thanks for replying. Yes I would not want to have this exploited. Once a parent fosters then I think it should be nice and simple. It starts the clock on a nice long cool down so you can't foster another until it is over. Maybe even have it so you can only foster 2 eggs at a time no matter how many foster parents are available. I love the Foster parent verbage you typed up and the idea of having the egg locked to your scroll.
  5. I'd love to be able to keep multiple eggs when I breed certain pairs. Whenever I have one that I would have kept both right now the only options is to see if the new owner will trade it back. I think the idea of a new BSA called Adoption would be a really handy way to let you keep a second egg if you produce twins. It could and should have limits imposed. What limits I'm not sure. Maybe only one egg ever or a longer cool down similar to other BSA of 28 days. Or maybe it should be called Foster so as not to have to mix up lineage. Thoughts?
  6. saarkin

    Z Project

    I'll start to add my Z drags here as I get time! https://dragcave.net/view/zOK3 NAME: Z'oke GENDER: Female ORIGIN: Cave LINEAGE: Caveborn BREED: Split Dragon
  7. Love the new dragons thanks tj!
  8. I'd love for there to be more sort options in general. Sort by how much time is left until a dragon can breed again. Sort by dragon type All drakes, all western ect.. Sort by BSA. Or even a only show certain sub groups.
  9. I can get the Daycare to load just fine and update my scroll but can't view the home page. Here is the link www.allureofnds.net/daycare You can still give views to some eggs there on the daycare page.
  10. Thanks for looking but as of yesterday they were unlocked in the encyclopedia and the market so I just spent the last 30 mins reunlocking as many as I could which was about 20-25 different species that were unlocked before. I'm not to bothered by it, just that something changed. Edit: As an example Last week I requested views in the Encyclopedia help page. I got 2 views and unlocked the purple Dino. This evening I viewed another purple dino and I have raised one myself. It now shows only 1 purple dino egg viewed when no matter what it should be at least 3 in the last week alone. Not that it really matters because by the time I get enough shards to buy a purple dino I'll have unlocked them again I just found it odd.
  11. I had every egg type seen in my encyclopedia and unlocked and available to buy in the market but as of today well over half of them are locked again. Seems to be a bug in the system
  12. Still on the search for a Purple Dino egg to finish off my encyclopedia collection. Please PM me a link if you find one. I got this today thank you for the help i received!
  13. I have a purple dino adult in my collection what I need is someone who is growing one to post or send me a link to their egg so I can unlock it in my encyclopedia and marketplace. It is the only egg I couldn't buy if I wanted to. Anyone able to help me out?
  14. I don't want to trade for the egg I have a purple dino adult in my collection what I need is someone who is growing one to post or send me a link to their egg so I can unlock it in my encyclopedia and marketplace. It is the only egg I couldn't buy if I wanted to. Anyone able to help me out?
  15. While there are other suggestions that may fill this gap and anything is better than nothing. My initial idea was for simplicity sake not only for us but for TJ and the others who run the game. Having been part of a team for another game the simple ideas tend to get done and done quicker. This comment isn't to shut down feedback or other ideas just explain why I went so simple.
  16. I would love to be able to see which of my dragons are CB and which are not when I select BREED and it shows all the options for breedable dragons. This could be easily achieved by adding a column that indicates which are CB. Either by adding a CB or by adding an Asterix. There is plenty of room on the breeding page to add a column and it would greatly reducing the need to click back and forth or to have multiple windows going at once.
  17. Never mind my first image of the other dragon just showed up as well and it also a shadow walker!
  18. Is this real where you can see the image of the other dragon visiting you? If you made this yourself nice job.
  19. You make some good points so maybe the sort option for rarity can be based upon the rarity of the drop rates of eggs in the cave.
  20. 1.) I think it would be really nice to have ability to sort your Dragons in the order of rarity. Along with that idea I would also like for it to be able to show you only the dragons of a certain rarity. So basically the existing sort box would have sort options and if you have it sorted by rarity then there would be another box to select only rare dragons or only breedable dragons and so forth. 2.) My second idea would be to have them to be able to be sorted in order of release date of the actual type of dragons release in to the cave world. Right now we can only sort by date caught not date released. It would make it easier to track what you are missing especially in conjunction with the wiki which tracks recent releases also. 3.) My last idea is to sort them by size. I know this would require defining the size of each Dragon that already exists but I would find it interesting to see if what we think is bigger or smaller than others actually is. (more of a funny idea just for kicks than anything else.)
  21. I think it would be great if they were Pirate Dragons like the Pieces of Eight lol.
  22. Here is my vase http://dragcave.net/valentines13/Saarkin I'll take anything you guys want to send Thanks.
  23. I have quite a few grown dragons I just haven't used these forums before. I appreciate your help.
  24. So I'm new here and there is so much to read is it kosher to simply post my scroll or my eggs? I don't want to be in violation or anything.