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  1. I thought the Shallow Water exp. bonus was only granted once! Whoops haha. Thanks for the info! I just hit 50 though! I've only been doing it since Sunday, but I've enjoyed trying new strategies every time I unlock new dragons. This is the first Halloween event I've had so much fun with since my very first one, back in 2012.
  2. I tend to set myself up and then come back hours later to check my progress and this is the first time I've gotten to watch myself be defeated! Hoping this gets me to 50 so I can bring out the big guns.
  3. I thought the crystal eggs were random and got disappointed when my catches were all green. Then I come here and see that the egg color changes hourly. Welp, I've locked myself for the next few hours. Oops
  4. I've used the Portal 2 skin for as long as I can remember being on the site, but the biome backgrounds are so beautiful that I might just have to go back to the default. The new art gives it so much more atmosphere and makes it seem more real than an adoption game... Stunning work, guys. I'm excited for the new breeds and the new zombies as well. Can't wait to see them. Not sure how I feel about the new lineage, but I'm sure it'll grow on me eventually. Happy 10th birthday, Dragon Cave. Here's to hoping you'll see many more~
  5. Augh, I just remembered this! Shoot. There's no way I'll be able to collect them all now. Oh well.
  6. Thanks for the game you guys, I'm impressed you were able to pull something like this together. I had fun exploring the different areas. I'm a little disappointed I was unable to finish it, though. I couldn't complete Day 11 because every time I tried to decorate one of the lights, my game would freeze and I'd have to reset over and over again. :/ My favorite so far is still Snow Wars. I wouldn't mind seeing something like it again.
  7. When I load my game from the "Continue Playing" screen, it goes to a brown screen and I can't do anything. I can't reset or escape. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  8. Ooh, a redesign and a clock. Since these are just previews, I'm left to hoping that the ultimate changes aren't massive and annoying. I'd like to keep my Portal 2 skin as well, or at least some variation of it, so I hope we'll still have it after the change.
  9. I completely forgot about this month's release! Blast. The biomes are, of course, empty when I finally get on, and then I got so excited when I saw something in the Jungle that I didn't read the description and misclicked a Sunsong. And now a Glaucus. What's up with me today? Edit: Oh, and thank you to the artists and TJ for the new eggies!
  10. When this was first "revealed" as the April Fool's joke, I felt like the only person who wasn't bummed that it probably was just that: a joke. Now that it's obvious that this is actually going to be implemented, I'm kinda excited. However, I hope we won't have to do the "observing" and "clicking" junk of hundreds of dragons just to unlock information. That would be really tedious and not even that fun. :/
  11. I just realized the GoN sprite got an update... o_O It looks sharp and pointy now, and I'm not sure I like it. :c
  12. Got a "these dragons don't show very much interest in each other" from a Grave and my only GoN. Now I get to wait for seven days to try breeding again and until the 31st to Summon (if only I'd waited till today...). How incredibly disappointing. Thanks for the release anyway, TJ and spriters. Oh, and Happy Birthday, DC.
  13. Finally, one of the blacks grew up! I've been waiting so I could admire both of them in one post. I must say, I'm impressed with these new dragons. They're very pretty. Though the name "Falconiform" is kinda strange, I've no complaints overall.
  14. Only fifteen eggs down today, yikes. I need to step up my game if I want to collect them all before the event ends...
  15. Oh goodness, those drakes are beautiful. I really like the Howler in particular, but the Glaucus is gorgeous as well. I bet the Howler will look great with Night Glories.
  16. Grr, I wish I had laid those eggs just a little bit earlier. I'm not going to be able to score anything from this hourly drop, which is usually significantly larger than the five-minute drops. *sigh*
  17. Eek, I just wish I hadn't laid all those eggs on Saturday. Now I'm locked for three more hours, not including the darn Tinsel that hasn't even cracked yet. Oh well. Thanks for the new drakes, TJ and spriters!
  18. So I fly out of bed and down the stairs at ten past midnight, having forgotten about the release, and I find this? Kinda wish this notice had been posted earlier. I don't think this is going to work out for most people. It may be convenient for some, but as for the rest, not so much.
  19. I feel like I'm one of the few people on here who wasn't totally psyched at the prospect of this "Dragon Encyclopedia"... Not gonna be heartbroken if it's confirmed as a prank, but I'm not saying it wouldn't be cool to have it.
  20. Hm. I liked last year's prank much more than this. Unless it's not a prank, of course, but we have no way to confirm that at the moment.
  21. I was about to go to bed when I remembered the schedule new releases follow and checked it out on a whim, and I'm very glad I did. Last time I waited till late morning to start catching was a nightmare... Tonight was relatively easy. Four Heavies in less than a minute and three Flares in half that time, not something I usually experience. Anyway, pretty eggs. Thanks, TJ and spriters.
  22. Full! All adults except for the few on the last row. I think it's about time I begin sending them out, as the event ends soon.
  23. Honestly, I have to agree with Princess_Pinkie here. Even though these dragons are absolutely gorgeous, they kinda remind me more of Christmas than of Valentine's Day. They will be nice in lineages though, I think.
  24. Just forget it. Please. I had a brain cramp, posted rashly, and am now feeling like I'm being branded as stupid. Forgive my unintentional idiocy. Then again, I'm easily offended so maybe I'm overreacting. It's not uncommon. /:
  25. Well, sorry then. I didn't realise people had mature hatchlings already since they only started hatching yesterday or something. *leaves thread feeling I tried to be helpful but ended up just looking remarkably stupid* And please, realise that "lol duh" was rude and quite unnecessary.