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  1. Samael sighed crossing his arms in front of his chest as he sat on the floor. He didn't get much sleep at all during the night feeling his ribs slowly move back into place was always a painful experience. The demon was at least thankful that his cell mate didn't feel like talking to him before going to sleep. Speaking of his cell mate she was still sleeping and from what he heard she is suppose to be in the arena next and the doors were opening. Getting up slowly the demon walked over to the bed and gently shook Lydia on the shoulder. "Time to rise little bird because you are going to miss the worm." ---- Lydia was peacefully sleeping dreaming about being home laughing with her father and going shopping with her mother at the market. Suddenly she was being shaken and bolted upright gasping in surprise. "Don't you ever do that again." She states swinging an arm trying to punch the person who woke her up. -- "I'm sorry but the doors to the arena are open and you the last one to go through them." He states simply watching as Lydia rushes quickly out of the bed and flings open the door before running down the hall tripping a few times before finally entering the arena. The demon simply chuckles and shakes his head before walking out to the common room, grabbing a bowl of porridge from the hatch and leaning against the wall while eating. ---- The poor blind young woman ran out not even noticing the sounds and feelings or smells of the arena until she collapsed upon her knees breathing heavily. "sorry that I'm late... overslept." She says between breaths before taking a deep breath and smiling. "This arena is calming and smells nice too." She says out loud and does a little click seeing that the arena is made of trees and flowers. "So what are going to do in here this isn't a death match right?" She asks tilting her head.
  2. Freda took her time to think of an answer for Vrael when she had one, the draykan turned her head only to see him talking to someone else. Sighing she spread her wings and jumped into a tree curling around it and using the branches to lay down on. "Hopefully this meeting starts soon people are getting board." She thinks out loud yawning slightly.
  3. Samael rested against the ice longer then he expected and looked up to see the doors starting to close. Turning to his dust form he flew over to the opening and transformed back walking through the doors before they closed. He noticed people leaving to their cells and decided to do the same. Taking a quick look at the bracelet he imprinted the number 11 and with his hand against the wall wincing slightly when he felt a rib shift. Once he reached the door it clicked open letting him enter the room. The demon noticed that the bed looked slightly used upon entrance . So I am going to be sharing with someone, Might as well let them have the bed then. He thinks walking slowly to a wall, leaning against it and sliding down using it as support feeling the healing stones starting to work. So that's how people heal from their injuries here. The demon thinks closing his eyes and resting his head against the wall. ----- Lydia finished her food while the doors opened she felt that she would be more of a burden if she tried to help out. Instead she picked up her plate and put it by the hatch feeling it being swept away. She thanked the hatch being again before turning around and sitting back down. From what she could tell from people's voices most if not all of the people in the arena were injured. I wonder if that demon got injured as well, probably not hes too full of himself to care about the others. She thinks to herself as she hears the doors close and the doors of cells opening and closing. Deciding to head to her cell she gets up and remembers that it is the first door on the right. She got the the door and realized that it was open already. Huh I guess that I am roommates with one of the new people. She thinks walking over to the bed and feeling the top of it to see if the person was on the bed or not oddly they weren't. "Odd." She states out loud before hearing a wheezed grunt from a part of the room. She sighed and laid on the bed hoping that who ever is with her feels better in the morning.
  4. (( The quote was intentional good eye there Rarek )) Samael coughed again weakly turning his head to see a small dome of ice sitting on the container Vex and Andromeda were standing on. Sighing the Demon closed his eyes and focused on healing himself with a cocoon of air feeling most of his external wounds healing and some internal. He was too weak however to heal his broken ribs and removed the cocoon when he felt that he was healthy enough to at least stand. Ok now to take this slowly. Samael thinks turning into dust and traveling over to the dome reforming in a kneeling position leaning agents it coughing up blood again. "Ow that was probably a bad idea." He wheezed pressing his forehead agents the cool ice closing his eyes focusing on breathing. ------ Lydia sighed walking over to the food slot slowly hearing a tray being pushed out and grabbed it smiling before walking back to the table she was sitting at earlier. "Hopefully Andromeda is ok." she thinks out loud before taking a bite of some bread.
  5. Freda nodded back at Vrael and looked around noting that Tahon arrived along with Uraka and Xieri. She bowed her head to Tahon before looking down at poor Xieri having to deal with Uraka again. Better let him deal with her though if I try to help she might just try and start a fight and we don't need petty fights in this sacred area. She thinks looking over at Vrael and climbing down the tree standing next to him. "Ignore her she only acts like that to try and impress others." Freda states flicking her tail in Uraka and Xieri's direction.
  6. Freda flew toward the meeting area hearing a howl of pain from a wolf. I hope that the two clans aren't fighting right now, it would be bad for business. She thinks circling the meeting area three times before landing upon the ground kicking up some dust and gently setting down the sack. Lifting her head and looking around she sees that she is not late for the meeting and sighs happily creating a small puff of fire before picking up the sack and carrying it over to the Lycan leaders bowing her head in respect to them and placing her sack of precious stones in front of them and nudged it toward them. "My respects to the Lycan clan." She states simply before turning around and flying into a nearby tree twisting her tail around a branch before looking around the clearing seeing a few other Draykans.
  7. Samael grinned as he witnessed the two other contestants take out their monsters by beheading them. "Oh aren't you two just a treat." The demon states grinning sinisterly until a roar caused him to frown and look behind him, seeing his monster charging at him. "Ah speaking about myself." He states dryly jumping off the container to the ground using the air to create a soft landing. He turned around quickly and clapped his hands together creating a wave of air that hit the side of the containers, bending the metal from the force created by the blast. The minotaur bellowed in shock as it fell of the containers to the ground but, it recovered quickly and stood. The beast turned around and charged at Samael pure fury in its eyes bowing its head down to gore the demon with its horns. Samael smirked and used a burst of air to push himself off the ground as the minotaur was about to hit him. Once the demon touched the ground he was slammed in the side by the hammer that launched him into a container making a small dent by the force of the hit. The demon grabbed his side as he coughed up some blood looking up to see the beast right in front of him just to be hit with the hammer again. Samael smashed into another container sliding down it slowly colapsing to his knees, blood running down the corner of his mouth as he looks up again to see the hammer coming down again to only hit dust again. This time the dust lazily floated up to a tall container reforming into the injured demon on his knees as he looked down at the angered beast. "Time to end this." He wheezed through labored breaths holding his hand out and swiping it quickly, removing all the air in the area that the minotaur was in using up most of his energy. The monster growled up at him until it realized it couldn't breath and grabbed at its throat looking up at the demon with wide eyes. The beast took a few steps trying to breath in air that was not in the area. Anger filled its eyes as the beast grabbed it's hammer and threw it as hard as it could at the demon in hopes to hit him. Sadly the weapon fell short and crashed into the container below the demon. Using up the last of it's energy the beast collapsed gasping still trying to force even a small amount of air in its lungs. this kept up for a few seconds until it became still. Samael glared down at the body not trusting the creature to be dead just yet, taking a deep painful breath he closed his eyes and created a spinning section of air in a hand and removed the vacuum seeing he dust kick up and air rushed into the area. Quickly and threw the buzz saw of air at the Minotaur's head decapitating the poor creature before collapsing himself. "Well that was fun." He says to himself chuckling and coughing up blood causing more damage to himself.
  8. Lydia smiled as she shook Maria's hand. "It's nice to meet you Maria." She frowns when Maria asked about the bracelet shacking her head. "No one has been able to so far and I bet that even if someone did Zygard would be alerted immediately and swiftly deal with that person. I wouldn't expect him to be this old and not have a plan for those that try to escape." She states sadly turning her head to Cassandra when she squeezed her hand and gave her own gentle squeeze back. ------ Samael traveled in his sand form being carried by the wind lazily drifting around not even manipulating the air around him. Hmmm guess I should hurry up and eliminate that minotaur the next time I see it. He thinks as there was a sudden change in the wind causing his current form to spiral around a body of some creature that is shaped like a falcon. What in the world was that?!? The demon thinks quickly changing the wind to follow the bird until it evaporated causing the demon to be even more confused until he felt four breaths in the area. Well seems someone needs help. The demon concludes shifting back to normal next to something that was staying still sort of. While Samael regrouped with a few of the others his Minotaur snorted and walked around sniffing the air trying to catch his scent other then the faint trail in the air that was quickly disappearing. Growling it gripped it's hammer tighter and kept on walking through the maze hoping to find it's prey again. Samael reformed and turned to see himself standing next to another minotaur with ice on it's feet. "Oh joy..... another one." He states collecting some air between his hands and thruster them forward. Forcing the air to hit the minotaur in the side breaking the ice launching it off the container they were both currently standing on and to a lower container with a crash. Samael then turned and saw Vex and Andromeda standing upon a higher container. "So having fun yet?" He shouts up to them smirking. (( never really went over how Samael can see in his sand form so I'm just going to have him be able to see with the wind currents hitting object and how they change if something is breathing in air. ))
  9. (( sorry for not posting in awhile my personal computer is on the fritz and is still waiting to go get repaired so there maybe some distance between posts from me.)) Freda stretched and yawned rubbing her eyes wearily before bolting upright remembering that today was the meeting and that she was late. Shoot, Shoot, Shoot this is not the best day to be lazy. She thinks quickly gathering a deer skin sack filled with Geodes and Turquoise. She drags the sack outside and transforms into her dragon form her black scales reflecting the light as she grabs the sack in her mouth and flies over to the meeting area. ------ Remy yawned lazily stretching on the rock that he was basking on extending his wings allowing them to absorb as much sun as possible. The Hybrid smiled and rested his head between his paws watching the birds fly around in the air singing their songs of joy to the world.
  10. Lydia sighs lifting her head up and face the direction of the girl asking about the bracelet. "The bracelet nullifies your powers and we haven't been able to remove them. As for the number it is the cell that you are to be staying while you are here." She explains with a sad smile on her face. "Oh I almost forgot my name is Lydia." She quickly adds holding out her hand. -------- Samael brought his whip down upon the Minotaur like creature as it swing its hammer toward his side. The whip wrapped around the beasts horn. Using it like an anchor Samael quickly strengthen the wind to push him over the hammer and flip over the beast. The beast to roar in pain as its head got pulled back so suddenly it then growled and swong its head forward flinging the demon at the container he was standing upon earlier. Samael's body his the container but instantly turned into dust upon impact and float away with the wind. The Minotaur bellowed with rage as it charged the container and slam the hammer down trying to smash the dust particals as they left the beast behind to hunt for the demon later.
  11. (( Lydia to the rescue! And I'll post as Samael later)) Lydia turned her head towards the sound of new voice hearing Eli and Cassandra talking to it. She then noticed Eli left the girl to talk with the others. When another new voice entered the picture Lydia started hearing the fear in the newcomer's and Cassandra's voice frowning. Getting up slowly she walked over to where Cassandra was standing clicking softly. "I'll explain we are captured and held prisoner here by a vampire named Zygard. The only reason why is to fight monsters or each other with our powers as a show for him." She states calmly lowering her head readying for the outburst that is bound to come.
  12. Coffee unless there is one with chocolate, peanut butter,and caramel in the freezer at the time.
  13. I have had Deja Vu for awhile mostly with a few minutes or seconds long. Though recently I have had them be a lot longer then usual. The two I remember the most. Somehow I saw the Hellboy 2 ending where it is just hellboy and his girlfriend ( can't remember her name right now) talking about her being pregnate before the movie even arrived in theaters. it was really strange seeing it because I remembered the background and what was said just not the people physically that were talking. The second one was about me talking with boss at work experiancing a Deja Vu as I had to go do something. In other words I had a Deja Vu of a Deja Vu if that is possible..... It was a strange conversation with my boss to say the least.
  14. (( Sorry for the late reply my computer has been acting weird lately so I am kidnapping my father's for right now. The space bar doesn't always work for me so there might be some words stuck together that I may not have caught while typing.)) Samael shook his head chuckling before wondering off into the container maze. At some points he would come across some strange machines holding up the containers. "What are these things I wonder?" He asks himself looking up at them when suddenly he feels the ground shaking and a monstrous roar behind him. Turning around Samael smirks seeing a minotour like beast charging at him carrying a large hammer. The beast raises a hammer above its head still running at the demon ready to bring it down upon its target. Samael's smirk becomes a sinister grin as if daring it to attack him. Once the beast was close enough it slammed down the hammer onto its opponent’s head making another monstrous roar. Except the hammer crashed into the ground with a large amount of dust floating around it where the demon stood. The dust blew away from the creature to the top of a nearby container reforming into Samael with his arms crossed laughing manically. "You'll have to try harder than that minotor to defeat me." He says making the beast look up at him growling that its prey got away so easily and unharmed. Raising his hand into the air Samael glaring at the beast and he concentrated the currents into the shape of his favorite weapon. "Now it's time to play." He states bringing his hand down quickly and flicking his wrist to the side causing a thunderous crack. A sudden change could be seen in the air extending from Samael's hand resembling that of a whip-like creation before jumping off the container raising the whip over his head as the beast charged at him roaring ready to swing its hammer at him. -------- Lydia was in her own little world and didn't hear Eli's question but she snapped back into reality when they started talking about sorceresses. "We do have something to trade her though.... our powers." She states simply turning her head in their direction.
  15. I have noticed that the Hybrids are kinda in limbo right now.... should we have them catch up in time or just wait for the timeskip to the gathering?
  16. Freda frowned at Uraka's actions but shrugged. If the dragoness didn't want to take to offer then there is nothing to do about it. "It's fine I understand Uraka." She states watching the dragoness closely. "If so then why don't you go ahead and fly no ones here to hold you back." She says calmly smiling at Uraka.
  17. Samael saw the spark leave Andromeda and zap him in the arm. So she has power over electricity or something like it interesting. He thinks having a grin quickly appear onto his face as he slightly rubbed the spot on his arm. "That's what you think, but you forget you don't know my powers and you just gave me a hint of what yours are." He states smirking at Andromeda waiting to see what she will do next.
  18. Freda wanted to claw Adstrum's eyes out and she was going to if Uraka hadn't stepped in and shooed him away. Sighing she was trying her best to calm her nerves, this maybe the mating festival but she is rarely around long enough to know the people around her other then the ones that are willing to trade. Shaking her head Freda looked at Xieri when he addressed her trying hard not to frown. "you'er welcome Xieri and it's ok you are not getting in the way. This is probably the best spot for customers anyways, since they come to you for healing from losing in a fight they can buy a stone to interest their choice mate instead." She states smiling before looking at Uraka. " And thank you Uraka for getting rid of Adstrum. If you want you can have one of my stones free of charge as a way to say thank." Freda says pulling out her pouch again calming down some.
  19. Lydia lifted her head up at the sound of the doors opening. When she felt a hand on her she flinched a little, though she took in the words that were being spoken to her. "I'll do the best that I can Andromeda and I wish everyone luck." Lydia says smiling hearing someone move closer to her guessing that it was Cassandra and smiled in her direction. ---- Samael grinned when the doors opened swiftly getting up seeing the brightly colored containers. "Well this is going to be fun." He states walking down the hall and through the doors into the arena. Once entering he feels his aerokenetic abilities return to him causing him to grin even more. "Too bad we have to help eachother this match I would have loved to tango to the death with you." Samael says to Andromeda tilting his head to the side to look at her better.
  20. Freda smiled and nodded at Xieri. "I will be pleased to see it when you have finished carving it." She says smiling. As another male came up and leaned agenset Xieri's back. She noticed that he wasen't injured but found out instantly why he walked over by the way he winked at her. Freda glared at this male and gently took her pouch from Xieri puting it away. "Unless you are here to trade for a stone then I will admit I have no interest in you." She says no emotion in her voice, hoping that this will make Ardstrum stop flirting with her. "And please remove yourself from the healer. We can't heal the injured, if the healer is injured himself. Am I correct?" Freda states still glaring at Ardstrum.
  21. Ferda shook her head chuckling a little. "I know I was just teasing." She says as he looks through the stones. She watched as he eyed them carefully looking for the perfect stone causing her to smile. When he was finally down to one stone and asked about the price she grinned at him. "You carve stones like this one right? Well as long as I see the end result of the carving then that is enough payment for me." She states smiling at Xieri.
  22. Freda smiled at Xieri. "Of course you can." She says placing the pouch in his hands. "Just warning you if you get any smart ideas to run off with that I'll have to hunt you down." She says winking at him highly doubting that he would steal from one of the few traders in the tribe. Freda looked over at Uraka and held back a small giggle at her antics. "Uraka if you see a stone that you like just tell me." She states smiling kindly at the other female.
  23. whoops need to change that, but yes I normally have up to 5 to 7 cuts on each foot by the middle of summer gotten used to it now but it still hurts esspecially if you have the shell lodged in your foot. Hurts worse when you cut your hand with one.
  24. Freda nodded in agreement with Xieri. Watching the man leave to probably come back later with another injury. When asked why she was there Freda only smiled and pulled out the pouch. "I was wondering if you wanted to be the first person to look at my new batch of stones I found on my last trip." She says opening the pouch showing the blue stones to Xieri smiling.
  25. Well I have never broken a bone *knocks on wood* though I have: Cut my foot open with a can top the dogs took out of the drainer and stuck it between the cushions on the sofa and I was standing on the sofa for some strange reason. Burnt a chunk of skin off my leg when I fell over on the mini bike and the exhaust pipe was laying on my leg. (scar is gone now) Slammed a door shut on my finger and I was on the edge of the top steps so I couldn't turn around to open the door properly. I had to twist my way around in a strange position without breaking my arm. I still don't know how I didn't break the finger. Fell off a bike on a dirt road had some rocks stuck in my knees for a bit, something similar happen when I was skate boarding except it was concrete. Lastly Zebra Mussels..... that's all I'm going to say.