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technobubblegum.pngXgTY.pngWishlist in profileIf there are dead eggs on my scroll, they're failed bites or ND attempts. I don't do this to trades or gifts, as that would be rude.

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    In no particular order...
    * CB White male
    * CB Royal Crimson female
    * CB Seasonals- still need both Spring, male Summer, both Autumn
    * CB Metals (hey, I can dream)
    * Chicken
    * Yellow, Green, or Purple Dino
    * CB Blusang
    * CB Tsunami
    * CB Trios
    * CB or clean Tan Ridgewing
    * Shimmers! I doubt I'll ever get a low gen, but nice clean stair/spirals are good too.
    * Bronze TinselxFrill stair or spiral
    * Tinsel stairs with Nebulas, or Nebula tinselfails
    * Pretty lineages? I like pinks, nebulas, bloodscales, pillows and GWs.