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  1. Meow 41 Meow 42 Meow 43 Meow 44 Meow 45 Meow 46 Meow 47 Meow 48 Meow 49 Meow 50 Meow 51 Meow 52 Meow 53 Meow 54 Meow 55 Meow 56 Meow 57 Meow 58 Meow 59 Meow 60 Meow 61 Meow 62 Meow 63 Meow 64 Meow 65 Meow 66 Meow 67 Meow 68 Meow 69 Meow 70 Meow 71 Meow 72 Meow 73 Meow 74 Meow 75 Meow 76 Meow 77 Meow 78 Meow 79 Meow 80 Meow 81 Meow 82 Meow 83 Meow 84 Meow 85 Meow 86 Meow 87 Meow 88 Meow 89 Meow 90 Meow 91 Meow 92 Meow 93 Meow 94 Meow 95 Meow 96 Meow 97 Meow 98 Meow 99 MEOW 100!
  2. What? How was that Meow #4?
  3. Meow #102 Wait! Bark! 101 Bark! 100 Yay, I win!
  4. Sorry I haven't been on in a while, but anyway, here's what's happening: Purpletail162: You were added. Dustpuppy: I updated everything. I also went ahead and added Na'Vi Forest And, here's how mine is turning out: Latest Creeper Dragon I'm going to breed that one with another dragon with the same type of lineage but unrelated.
  5. I want to be a breeder! Forum User: Dragonluva711 Scroll Link: My Scroll PM Link: PM What are you willing to breed?: Slightly messy Tinsels, Dorkweds Any other requirements (no gifting/killing/biting/e.t.c.)?: No killing, biting, neglecting or neglecting. Please contact me before freezing or releasing. Try not to do anything that would kill the egg/hatchling. Also, please name! What color would you like your name in?: Blue
  6. I love this idea! I was actually thinking of the same thing! I want to sort my scroll, but I can't bring myself to freeze a little hatchling or name a dragon something ridiculous like o0 WELCOME TO MY SCROLL 0o. This would also be helpful if you wanted to find a certain dragon, or if you have lineages/roleplay.
  7. 41, we know cats rule and dogs drool...literally, look:
  8. The first pair in this lineage was just bred and they did not refuse! They're a keeper! I also have another pair, once my gold-horned tangar egg hatches and grows up. We're making good progress!
  9. That egg looks great, and so does the lineage! The "legs" look good. I couldn't add it yet, as it has no name. Please wait until it's a hatchling, then I can add it. I need the name though. I took care of the links. If anything is misspelled/wrong that I didn't catch, just PM me.
  10. OK, it looks like the creeper lineage just got it's first pair. Technically, one isn't grown up yet, but I decided to add them anyway. As soon as Rcenj If 0eih Xeijo Shoofoh grows up, I can breed them. Does anyone want an egg?
  11. That would be fine. It doesn't really matter about the name, I just wanted people to know that it was a creeper lineage dragon. You can name them whatever you want though.
  12. Yup, that would be fine. You can continue that lineage for as long as you like, and then make an explosion. Use a new member form then add the dragon!
  13. No, that was my 2nd gen breeding with a CB to make a staircase. I didn't know how to add them!
  14. OK no problem, I hope you'll be joining soon!
  15. OK, I found a mate for Tornado Whirl Brony and they produced an egg so I guess now I do this? I'd like to add this pair as a new Auxilliary Line! Male’s Name: Tornado Whirl Brony Male’s Lineage: Lineage Female’s Name: Clap of Thunder Brony Female’s Lineage: CB Are they compatible?: This little guy, who I think is being used as a ND experiment! I carelessly bred them while I was scroll-locked, and now I don't know who has the egg!
  16. Our Goal: We want to make a Creeper colored lineage, ending in a big EXPLOSION! Not only do we support green colored dragons, but also creepers. In case you don't know what a creeper is, they look like this and they are short-lived because they explode. Before they explode they make a hissing sound, which is usually represented like this: Ssssssssssssss...BOOM! Rules: NO begging NO killing, biting, trading, or neglecting of gifted eggs/hatchlings NO talking about any other things but this lineage on this thread Failure to follow these rules will result in banning/and or removi
  17. I'd like to add this pair as a new Auxilliary Line! Male’s Name: Storm Chaser Brony Male’s Lineage: CB Female’s Name: Rain Dance Brony Female’s Lineage: CB Are they compatible?: Tornado Whirl Brony
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    Never mind my last post, I think I got a Dorkwed. Can you check out this awesome lineage and tell me??? Thanks! Woah! Just realized there were some alts in this lineage. It's really cool but it's too complicated for me to figure out if it's a Dorkwed. I figure if it is it must be like, the 20th generation!
  19. dragonluva711


    I want a egg Application: Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/dragonluva711 Gen of Dorkwed: Any Breed (Optional): I would prefer a breed I don't have (take a look at my scroll) but it doesn't really matter to me.