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  1. Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! So excited for the dragon and the event!
  2. Wow! I'm glad I caught this release, I almost missed it :3 Thanks TJ and Spriters!
  3. Just missed a xenowyrm egg because I was so surprised to see it that I just stared at it for a good 3 seconds...
  4. Happy birthday, Dragon Cave! ...Wow. That's a lot of changes, and a lot of eggs to catch.
  5. While I'm thrilled that I woke up and still had these babies on my scroll, I am somewhat scared for what might happen because there's no way these are normal dragons/a normal release.
  7. Happy Easter everyone! I've only got one egg so far but I heard something about Undertale which excites me.
  8. Happy Holidays! Thank you to TJ and Spriters for all their hard work!
  9. I just summoned another guardian of nature egg!
  10. I still can't believe I got Tentoo for a Chrono...I thought all the good DW names would be taken but I guess not
  11. In my opinion, Chrono has the coolest concept, but Pyro has the best-looking sprite (not that they aren't all gorgeous, but the Pyros' pose is the best). Chrono is still my favorite by a small margin, though.
  12. I'm surprised that a frostbite showed up, since I had never seen one in my cave before, but I'm quite happy with the end result. I think frostbites and ices work together very well with the color scheme and such. Please ignore the pile of cupcakes in the back. My dragon has a sweet tooth.
  13. It doesn't matter what pattern lineage you breed. It's really the colors and the explosion at the end. I would try even gen though, since the square shape fits the creeper theme.
  14. You know you've played too much minecraft when you hit your cat and expect him to sit.
  15. Sorry about the delayed reply, but here's what's happening. Dustpuppy: I'm going to add all the dragons there and make a new list for "completed lineages". igloo9201: Adding you right now. firebrawl99: Adding you also. I took a little break from Dragon Cave for a while but I'm back!
  16. I wouldn't mind that at all! This is not a strict lineage, it's totally up to you what dragons to put in it. If you think some dragon that's not on the list has the makings of a good creeper dragon, then knock yourself out! Go ahead!
  17. Wow, thanks! I'll put it in the first post! Edit: I updated everything (again)!
  18. Throw it away, it's only chocolate. Why can't I catch a Tinsel or a Shimmer-Scale in the Cave?
  19. Am I allowed to bump this? Oh well, anyway, updates: This little one was bred, and I'm hunting for another CB Pair... With the commotion following the B-Day Releases, I haven't had a lot of time to catch them...
  20. I play minecraft. The new snapshot is awesome! I have many worlds, so usually a). Minecraft crashes . Minecraft runs out of memory or c). servers glitch out and lag.... If you like creepers and have some CB common dragons and such, check out the creeper lineage in my siggy...
  21. Whoa...Just realized it's the 6th day and that means this wonderful release ends TOMORROW! I don't want it to end... I think the newest dragon (day 6) could be a sort of clam dragon...it's pink-ish with a grey head, pink being the inside and grey being the shell. Also, the egg looks like a pearl.
  22. Because you need to fill your "Warn" bar on the forums. Why isn't my cheese dragon hatchling gendering?
  23. A dragon code is a secret language only known to dragons. Nobody can crack one since the dragons' handwriting is really messy. What is a "cooldown"?
  24. A Biome is when you give forget to give one of your dragons a bio and it says, "Bio me!" Why are all of TJ's dragon names random letters with "thuwed" at the end?