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Magelight Pygmy Army: 106/? Pyrope Pyralspite Army: 20/? Chrono Xenowyrm Army: 16/?


I give and accept IOUs on a case by case basis as long as the player keeps a written record.


Currently Seeking: CB Gold, CB Silver, CB Chrono Xenowyrms. Please PM if interested.


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    Newbie Breeding:
    I breed for newbies! If you don't have a bronze trophy and you have less than 2 of the dragon you're asking for, I'll breed it for you. If you receive a dragon from me please do not trade it.

    High Priority:
    -CB Gold
    -ANY 2nd-3rd gen Shimmer
    -CB Silver
    -CB Ice
    - 5th gen and under Shimmer-Scale (especially from (Smaug), (Stark), or a line I don't have)

    Medium Priority:
    -Tinsels and higher gen Shimmers
    -Metallics with clean, low-gen lines

    Collecting (feel free to offer any of these as hatchlings in a trade):
    -CB Magelights
    -CB Royal Blues
    -CB Pyralspites
    -CB Undines
    -CB Black Teas

    You can offer anything else in a trade, but the ones listed here will have the top priority!

    Since this is the "interests" box, I should probably write something about my interests.
    I watch/play/enjoy talking about/will roleplay:
    Sherlock (BBC)
    Marvel (Avengers, Agents of SHIELD, Jessica Jones)
    Doctor Who
    Steven Universe
    Warrior Cats