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  1. Meh inbetween Chips (hot chips)
  2. Trueish we have have a home gym, and I go in there and do sit ups and other stuff everyday (strengthen my lungs stuff) TPBM has a piercing (name if so)
  3. Never had it, but sounds delicious! So yum Seafood of any kind?
  4. 8/10 Seen you around a lot @Bluemint Hey
  5. I started playing Final Fantasy and I'm stuck again
  6. Well, I do like him a lot, but I've heard guys fall in love much quicker than girls, so I'm thinking I should give myself more time. As for mum, she thinks (She's sterotypical about boys, except my own brother. Because she raised him ugh) he's too old for me (2 years older) and that he's a man not a boy anymore, so he'll try to do things to me. He really is a nice guy and countless times I've tried to convince her otherwise. My grandma was like that too, so my mum grew up with that. I have been going to the movies with my friends, and I tagged him along (without mum knowing) and it was great. I know it probably seems wrong :/ but that's the only way I can hang out with him
  7. I dislike all of the Kardashians who are they again, Khloe, Kim and?
  8. Well this is a bit stupid, but my really good friend, which my mum doesn't want me going out with at all, not even to the movies. Has admitted a crush on me :/ I don't want things to get awkward, and he is a really good guy. I really do want to see him more, but my mum is being a, well, a butt What do I do?
  9. ^ Yeah, but I discontinued it after awhile
  10. False, oh hell no TPBM is younger than 16 or is 16
  11. I finished Twilight Princess... Soooo I restarted A Link Between Worlds
  12. Exactly! That's how she "breeds" hahah But Athena remains my idol Goddess 'Tis why I really love Annabeth in Percy Jackson This is why this RP really appealed to me and as for the norse gods, do they all live in the same place as the Egyptian and Greek gods?
  13. When people spell my name like ZoeY when it's clearly written down as Zoe
  14. 4/10 I have seen you sometimes in forum games haha
  15. Oh I was uploading photos