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  1. Http://creepypasta.com I think that's it Idek if that's the website
  2. I haven't touched my accouny in 2 years 0-0
  3. Why is chocolate orange and pineapples purple What about you Michael! why are you pink Lol what
  4. True :3 Had to sing infront of all of Grade 10 at my school:unsure: TPBM has a tattoo
  5. I really hate the Prime Minister of my country is Tony Abbot. He is so ****ing annoying. I swear he's an idiot and we currently have really bad politicians -.-
  6. Why world. Why are you so cruel?
  7. (Sorry for double post, as it's not letting me edit or delete or anything o.O) Should we make an OOC thread too? To discuss the Story and characters when we're not RPing?
  8. Same happend with Eragon. Tried to enjoy it, but lost interest. Although that was 2 years ago, I'll try again
  9. False. It's alright TPBM Has broken a bone/ligament (name)
  10. Yay so when do we start Dauntingale. I know that feeling.
  11. Pokemon ranger drove me crazy when trying to catch pokemon
  12. Yum :3 Ice tea? Peach flavoured
  13. Oooh okay, didn't know who it was, will find out soon then Haha that one of Katherine was by far one of the best scenes My favourite scene is the "I'm the freaking moonstone" scene! HAHA I laughed I tried getting that as a gif, but didn't work :/
  14. Well you see this happened... Blame my brother And I dun likey my entire face in this picture it just doesn't look right Oh.
  15. I am the shortest I've seen here... Standing at 5'0 ):
  16. I felt this way for this book, Fablehaven, and I just find it incredibly boring :/ i want to tey to read it again though
  17. What do I wear omg If a wear a dress, bra and cleavage will show when I bend over D: Jeans and shirt is too casual
  18. I really dislike this game now
  19. I love Lithium, germanium and arsenic I memorised the periodic table up to technetium :3