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  1. True if voice counts (oh and piano) TPBM hates chocolate
  2. Meh so and so (I can track emails and IPs though) TPBM is an outsider at school
  3. True. I wish I could change my whole life. TPBM hates Zombie stuff
  4. ^ whoa whoa you remind me of this girl, her name was Caitlyn o.O
  5. @Lady_caetlyn I do want to go for it, it's just my mum I'm worried about
  6. I like Gandalf a lot, but Dumbledore actually they're equal to me
  7. Sulfur is the widely known trademark of demons. (Usually they leave it behind)
  8. ^ You are so lucky. I am envious to the point of extreme envy.
  9. Yum Prawns or get american and say shrimp...
  10. @C88 I do meet him in secret a lot, majority of the time, my mum doesn't know :/ I do want to go for it and try, but I actually am, quite afraid of my mum
  11. Oh so now he wants to eat a broom
  12. ^ 4 has a lot of faults For example. Sims 3 is the only mac allowed game :/ There is also no toddler stage and it goes from baby to child automatically I'm going to stick to Sims 3 and buy all the expansion packs
  13. I love the story behind Five Nights At Freddy's It's quite brief, but it's really good
  14. Why is my brother so strange. No you cannot eat a book. Or a couch.
  15. @Anges I thought I was unlikeable and no one would ever love me. Then a guy recently admitted he had a pretty big crush on me ever since he met me. All I think is that love takes time. Love'll find you. Just be yourself and don't think about it too much. When the time is right, the perfect guy will come. My advice, don't throw yourself on the first guy that says he loves you. Trust me from experience. This guy once pestered me until I became his girlfriend. Turns out he wanted for one thing only, but I broke it off before that could have happened. He didn't really care. But the right guy will come to you one day. One who genuinely cares So don't think too much about it and go on with your life as you're young! It will come! Peace out
  16. True. Very true. That's a sweet subject! TPBM has long hair (past the shoulders)
  17. Hahaha agreed! We were playing celebrity heads and Someone made me Kim Kardashian And I asked if I was hated by everyone, yes, if I was fiction (didn't know if book or not) and someone said. Some parts of you are. I was like, what. And everyone cracked up, then I laughed when I found out :')
  18. I think I'm 1.51m I've always used ms and cms But everyone of my friends used feet
  19. Rood 4/10 Haven't seen you around like I used to
  20. True HAHAH REALLY PREGNANT? TPBM is 15 or younger