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  1. One time at out school library, my friend and I looked at books. He goes to jump to get this 1 book he wanted that was really far up. As he jumped. He sort of fell onto the entire shelf and he tipped it over and it created a domino effect. We missed the whole day of classes to clean up the mess... I couldn't stop laughing. Only the librarians didn't laugh... Even teachers laughed :')
  2. I'm happier now haha Phone's charging and I can RP :3
  3. Meh in between TPBM looks like their mother more
  4. In future at the school, are we allowed to adopt a future companion that only they could talk to (in their heads to each other) Like Hogwarts haha
  5. Toraz shuffled her feet. "Do you know how many students are expected to join?" She asked politely. Toraz kept looking at the squirrel-fox thing. It was rather bizarre to her. Toraz looked around. Toraz did not know this area very well. She was rather excited to the sudden change of scenery. The country was a beautiful change.
  6. Jack Coleman yeah I was always hooked on Claire's story Zarchary Quinto is amazing! I love Sylar so much! (He grows on you towards seasons 3-4)
  7. I don't know Kai yet I find myself rewatching the first season and when Elena's trying to find out what Stefan is hiding That's when the plot was amazing
  8. I love creating families in sims :3
  9. To be honest, I feel like crap
  10. It was 10:56 Crap! I'm going to be late! Toraz bolted down the street towards the church. She held her carry bag as she ran. On her way, Toraz almost tripped over a large stone. She cursed silently and continued her way to the church. She made it. The church was big and intimidating. She took a deep breath, she fiddled with her dice that was left to her by Athena, and walked up to the figure that stood at the gates. Toraz put the dice away in her pocket. Toraz looked up at the sky. It was a great day. As she reached the woman, Toraz realised how neevous she was. Butterflies swarmed in her stomach. She fiddled woth her carry bag and spoke. "Hello" she greeted the woman. "I'm Toraz" she said with a smile.
  11. I didn't realise we actually had items o.O For my character, the item Athena left for her, is a pair of dice One die, morphs into a hat which grants the wearer invisibilty (Annabeth :3) and the other die morphs into a celestial steel sword which is just right for Toraz Allowed?
  12. http://dragcave.net/view/Zoe5h Haha egg with my name in it
  13. We have to kill Zant. C'mon Link let's go! *small guttural growl*
  14. Thank you, yes lets what do u think ? Weather is crap! Lol what
  15. True. Who wants Amara D: TPBM loves their first name
  16. True, 2 c: TPBM knows Bring Me The Horizon
  17. False (How can you be 27kg wtf not possible whaaaat) TPBM is over 5'4
  18. I was obsessed with TS2 Double Delux I tried so hard to get a vampire... When I did... It burned itself in that fire thing...
  19. True It sucks, uploaded 4 videos and decided to never upload again and I deleted all my videos TPBM Is under 60kg