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  1. Oh my God I tried for like 3 days -.- Why didn't I search... I did manage to get shiny ho-oh in heart gold :3
  2. I'm sick of zombie movies and tv shows They're so cliché and boring
  3. 1. My face, my looks (ew) 2. I'm too short 3. My voice 4. My life 5. My skin (too pale) 6. My laugh 7. Myself. (So god damn annoying) 8. My smile (I just can't) 9. My nose. It looks retarded in some camera angles 10. E V E R Y T H I N G
  4. 1. My nails, at least they can cooperate 2. I can sing and have sung infront of my grade 3. I have really good eye-site according to my optometrist 4. I've topped all of my classes, So I guess I'm smart 5. I have good shiny white teeth 6. I have good hair : 7. I have petite hands according to mum 8. My nationality :3 9. The fact I'm female haha 10. My family
  5. I was lied to... Whoa I tried so hard for nothing -.- I hate giving nicknames to my pokemon I must admit
  6. What do I do holy what do I do D: OMG I'm so screwed kill me now please!
  7. I would make it a diamond indestructible >
  8. I learned that I'm descended from Greece, Cyprus and England :3 But I was born here in Aus
  9. Because you are a dinosaur Why is the RP not moving
  10. *throws chilli con carne at darien*
  11. *throws 42 doughnuts, pies and chocolates at pathlight*
  12. Because they don't like you Why is the sky purple
  13. *throws 5 cream pies at Pathlight*
  14. False, it's wavy TPBM has had or currently has braces
  15. False, youngest TPBM is very close to their sibling/s
  16. Their father False, it's 4:16pm TPBM has a sibling
  17. You are so lucky! I tried so hard toget the shiny X legendary
  18. ^ you guys are lucky We need school uniform and I look really bad in school photos (I'll see if I can dig them out)