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  1. rereading Harry Potter just got to finish deathly hallows and I've read it 134 times My mum is SOO proud im like Jeeze I'm only bored cauuse i have no other good books like Warrior cats!
  2. I'm Ravenclaw Because according to school im smart and clever
  3. I'm 13 I only ppsting cause I wanna know why people my age are posting in here adult is when your over 18! And I'm from Sydney Australia!
  4. I wanna be a general discussion mod SOO bad but im only lvl 1 :C
  5. Nope Im the youngest not the 2nd youngest and i'm pretty much immune to sickness! 2? 1. I have a 3ds 2. I LOVE Legend of Zelda series 3. I don't have a step-dad
  6. Not red rice its black rice! so you have tried it! Yuck! I hate raisins and oatmeal! ice cream cake with biscuity stuff at bottom SOOO GOOD!
  7. Swipes Tri-horn wyverns + egg
  8. Owls woot pre application dance for shire news makes NO sense shlvcwylmvsaeoo
  9. sorry to double post but has she been doing these artworks?
  10. Could I please have a animated Avatar depicting chocolate and tigers. Like a tiger crunching on chocolate? in a jungly background? if you can do that! that would be magnificent and also my username on the bottom sparkling. if thats too hard i will go to someone else?
  11. correct my standards of being fat is skin over my waist which is false i have a flat 6 pack seeing as i do swimming athletics and waterpolo 1. Just saw a disturbing sight of Duel/Kurt and his GF 2. I'm the 2nd youngest 3. I am immune to sickness
  12. lol yes I am new! swipes wow leetle
  13. Swipes scroll and stratches name off and puts CookieIzzy on it under my fog is a gold and 2nd gen pink
  14. SoiledLove right you are I live in New South Wales Australia not Western Australia and not Queensland 1! 1. I'm a girl 2. I have over 800 dvds 3. I am fat
  15. Well look Jude usually dark apples heart furhskjaqxg
  16. 2 is correct I love MCR! I LOVE owl city! especially good times and fireflies! i HATE heavy metal! 2? 1. I Live in NSW 2. I Live in WA 3. I dont live in QLD
  17. nope Ashley she is 23 I live in australia! and elena's scream is soooooooo funny! 3? 1. I like Owl City 2. I hate My Chemical Romance 3. I hate Heavy metal
  18. Isabel* no le or la 1? also i like everyone of those choices i should stop giving info to you 1. I have an over 20 yr sister 2. I love Elena's scream in Vampire Diaries 3. I live in America
  19. 1 1. my real name is Izzy 2. My real name is Caroline 3. My big brother is Kurt
  20. yes im not short im tallish for my age im 159.9 cm 3? 1. I HATE vampire diaries 2. I Love HEROES 3. I LOVE Pretty little liars
  21. 1. 1. I'm Short 2. i'm over 1 m 50cm 3. i have brown hair answer me this time