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  1. Well. I killed myself by glitching into a wall in Skyward Sword and I rapidly lost all my hearts o.O
  2. My old cat used to play hide 'n' seek with me :3
  3. At first you love the 'forbidden' romance between Elena and Damon, then it just got boring. Then you find yourself missing Elena and Stefan I think it bored me when Silas, Qetsiyah and the Travellers came into the show. I did love watching Elena who was in control, lose control and turn off her humanity c: It was fun watching her not give a I love how her hair is always like Katherine's :3 I ended up loving Katherine towards S5! And her final scene with Nadia made me tear a lot ;n; S3 Finale made me tear a lot too ;c
  4. I love The Originals :3 Klaus is one of my favourite characters from TVD!
  5. ((I apologise for lateness as internet was screwing up)) They completed ignored my introduction? Toraz was confused. She shook her head and pushed away all negative thoughts. Toraz did not know these people and she was determined to make a good impression. She bounded off after the group. Toraz loved the church design. She fancied old buildings. Toraz rather liked Lukas. His introduction took the edge off her unease. Or maybe it was because he was a swordsmith, and Toraz loved blades. She smiled politely at the other teachers and awaited further instructions.
  6. I love this game Considered getting the new 3ds xl of this
  7. Because you haven't eaten enough dragon eggs Why is my hatchling frozen
  8. ChocolateIzzy


    I love Grimm so much :3
  9. When people push and shove without apologising
  10. HAHA I found that hilarious... I couldn't type earlier :')
  11. Midna from Twilight Princess! N'aw :3
  12. Fell off the platform in Super Smash Bros Brawl
  13. "I did it!" Hiro Nakamura, Heroes (In Japanese)
  14. Congratulations you just pointed out that Path Light is addicted to games
  15. "Save the cheerleader. Save the world" From Heroes (everyone says it)
  16. My favourite quote Really sad they cancelled