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  1. Doing science diagrams, I write with pencil
  2. Tbh, I don't like SPN as much as I used to :c
  3. On Skype, I really don't like it when my friends, who I introduce to people, ignore me and During the call!
  4. A sudden chill rose up and made Toraz's hair on the back of her neck stand up. She shuddered. She knew this feeling all too well. Something bad felt like it was going to happen. As Venla handed Toraz the acorn, Toraz looked at it curiously. She put it in her pocket and grabbed her bag. As she arrived at the girls rooms, she picked a room. It had three beds. Toraz put her stuff down on the floor in front of the bed closest to the right wall and dumped herself on the bed. I hope everything goes well.
  5. This game is so hard and no I'm no noob D:
  6. Oh mi gosh I was rewetting it all and I cried at scenes where I never found it sad before, but it was I have seen season 6 yet! I'm in Australia so we don't get it, I have to wait till it comes out on dvd (SO EXCITED)
  7. Book Number: 4, 5, 6 and 7 Number Of Pages: 452(4), 464(5), 464(6), 466(7) Book Title: Fallen, Torment, Passion and Rapture Author:Lauren Kate Summary:Lucinda Price was enrolled at Swords & Cross school. She meets a boy by the name of Daniel, and ultimately falls in love with him. The Fallen series is a young adult gothic romance story. Rating:4.5/10 Book Number: 8 Number Of Pages: 366 Book Title: The Crush Author: Scott Monk Summary: Matt is an ambitious football player and his heart crushes as he falls in love with his arch-nemesis' girlfriend. Rating: 3/5 Book Number:9 Number Of Pages:253 Book Title: The Awakening Author: L.J. Smith Summary: Elena is the survivor of a car accident that her parents died in. She lives with her brother Jeremy and her Aunt Judith. As she goes to school, she falls in love with Stefan, the 'new' student. This newcomer has many dark secrets. Rating:5/5
  8. Legend of Zelda Super Smash Bros Brawl Animal Crossing (any) Binding of Isaac and probably many more
  9. I loved it when she bit people, because it just shows how having no humanity affected her. ^ As you said, she was carefree and didn't worry about anything I also loved the scene when she got it back. I cried ;-; even if I kinda knew Damon wouldn't kill Matt. It was so emotional (Haha...)
  10. Never had one (You have to buy them in special places here) Squid ink pasta?
  11. I assume seafood? False. TPBM hates their life atm
  12. "It's not cool growing old. I like being the eternal stud" - Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries
  13. Backstory to FNAF 1 & 2 would make an excellent Creepypasta!
  14. Toraz studied her timeable. Her eyes glinted with excitement as she saw Sword Art, Potions and Monster/Mythology. Toraz loved potions, swords and history with a passion. It hasn't even been an hour and I'm already looking forward to classes! Toraz grinned and looked at the other future students reactions towards their classes.
  15. "Caw Okay, hi bird." - Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries "I've done this a thousand times. I get it. I'm that thing that everybody wants. ... I'm the freaking moonstone." - Katerina Petrova/Katherine Pierce, The Vampire Diaries "I met a guy, we talked and it was epic. Then the sun came up and reality set in." - Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries "When people ask how are you, they really don't want an answer." - Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries
  16. Book Number: 1, 2 and 3 Number of Pages: 985 (3 in 1) Book Title: Switched, Torn and Ascend (Trylle trilogy) Book Author: Amanda Hocking Summary: Wendy is a changeling. She was switched at birth. She always had known she was different. Her mother thought she was a monster and had tried to kill Wendy at the age of six. Rating: 5/5