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  1. Guys, how do you even collect meat, flowers and all the other stuff... I only have 30/30 magic...
  2. I despise Ben Stiller. He really isn't a good actor and I don't like him at all. I don't really know why but something about him is just meh.
  3. I take the train like everyday to school.
  4. New girl with an Irish accent came to my school and she's in my maths class. I love talking to her because Irish ones are my favorite
  5. I love the T2 store their iced tea selections are great
  6. Trust, loyalty, honesty and kindness. Good looks are just a bonus.
  7. ((Omg sorry I'm back after tedious school exams)) Toraz sat up and smiled at Venla. "Yes I am the daughter of Athena, and I guess you could say that." Toraz said with a laugh. Venla's phone rang and she apologized. Toraz shook her head as to say don't worry about it. Toraz jumped a little when Raja ran up her arm. She smiled and pet the creature. Venla's phone call ended and Raja licked Toraz and ran back to Venla. The demon murder comment unsettled Toraz a bit, but she shook off the feeling. She didn't know what to say so Toraz just looked down at her hands. Toraz said hello to Solange as she sat beside her. Venla announced food was ready, with that, Toraz got up and walked into the dining room. She sat at the table and looked at her food. Hamburger and chips? Ah I'll just eat some chips.. Toraz wasn't that hungry, so she just fixated her eyes on the chips and ate one.
  8. My socks always disappear... Who knows how or why...
  9. The movie did ruin it, and I got up to the 7th book of Ga'hoole? How many books are there, does anyone know?
  10. Toraz heard Venla's announcement and stretched. She got up from the bed. "Hey, I'm just going to wait outside till the foods ready." Toraz told Solange and nodded. She walked out the bedroom and glanced up at the ceiling. It sure smells old and musty here... Toraz sighed and walked over a couch. She propped herself on the couch and rested her eyes. I wish I brought a book, but oh well.
  11. No ones answered my question? No one knows?
  12. Oh wow, I started watching all of this series
  13. ((I can't really play off a good post yet))
  14. Book Number: 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 Number Of Pages: 421(10), 417(11), 432(12), 420(13), 416(14) Book Title: Bloodlines, The Golden Lily, The Indigo Spell, The Fiery Heart and Silver Shadows. Author:Richelle Mead Summary: The alchemist, Sydney Sage is assigned to hide and protect Jill Dragomir from the Moroi Rebels who want to kill her. As long as Jill is safe, Lissa still has her throne. Rating:5/5
  15. When your group starts talking about how much fun last night was and they didn't invite me
  16. Is 2nd season being released?