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  1. In all honesty, I may not have ever been to America. But I think Hillary would be a better president. She knows how to talk and get her facts right. Trump just knows how to lie. Hillary just screwed up with her emails? Who cares?? But Trump is just silly in my opinion... Promoting racism and violence :/

  2. I just saw your post on the forum. I posted a link to youtube. It seems that it's possible to find a temple.


    I've found one on my pc version before. Too much lag though. Didn't proceed.


    I've been playing around with some feed the beast servers today. Missed thaumcraft.

    Oh I'll have to check that out! I gave up on PC version. Only ran at about 30 FPS and my PS4 version doesn't lag at all biggrin.gif

  3. I recently had a lot of cash and I bought quite a few games and now I'm lost at what to play

    I really wish they made a ps4 Kingdom Hearts edition

    And now they've brought out a FFXV ): and I too have no money now

  4. *is summoned*


    Did someone mention games? =D


    It depends on what you like Izzy. My personal favs are; Warframe, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Uncharted 4, Odin Sphere, Fallout 4 and recently Dragon Age: Inquisition.


    I'm also looking forward to FFXV and Persona 5.


    Feel free to send me a friend request on PSN too, but add a note so I know who you are lol.


    Morning peeps!

    Please everyone call me CJ :3

    as for fallout 4, I absolutely love it. I also play on it quite a lot. I love Bioshock and I almost got a tale of two sons. I'm looking forward to kingdom hearts a lot too smile.gif

  5. I was absolutely in love with this game. It was my favourite thing ever. But constantly dying and then re spawning from a really long world. (My record was 64 with my friend). It got tedious having to rebuild constantly and I got bored. If they make the PS4 version multiplayer I will happily buy it and stop playing my steam version.

  6. Honestly I like the concept of this game. I had someone buy it for me on PS4. But I find this game quite boring and so on. Like I will play it for about 2 days then stop for awhile ):

    I really love Reaper and Hanzo though

  7. I love this game so much. My ex bought it for me and I was like in love with it. It's so fun to play with friends and all and my favourite character is Nick and my favourite campaign is The Parish. I also really like Zoey