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  1. This update has finally given me the ability to access all biomes from the main page, whereas before I had to use a bookmark to take me to Alpine and go to the rest from there, so thanks for that :0) This is the first time I've logged into the forum on my phone (Motorola DROID RAZR) and I seem to also be getting the signatures bleeding into the posts below... most weird, but not that much of a problem as I rarely log in.
  2. Times like this has me wishing I didn't live in the UK... no way will I be able to stay awake until 5am The new avatars are amazing... I was a bit shocked when I first saw them and they all blinked at me at once
  3. To all those that have asked if I can breed 2nd gens for them... when I find out what it is I'll see what I can do
  4. I'd love to have a tinsel... I seem to have missed them when they first came out, for some reason
  5. Is there a link to what the prizes are?
  6. O M G!!! I got an email saying I'm one of the second prize winners... I can't believe it, I never win anything **does the happy dance**
  7. Agreed... makes me happy that I have a good few of them now
  8. Thank you Finally I've done it (I forgot to "follow the rustling sound" when I was in the garden lol).
  9. I get through it, but there is always some magical force that pushes me back again
  10. Can you send me a pm saying where? Please... I'm begging you here
  11. I must have clicked every possible link multiple times... and I still only have 38 items I just can't seem to find the one piece that opens that basement door
  12. This is infuriating... I have been all over the house and I am still three objects missing (the last three).
  13. araminta

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    So glad they are not limited additions... there is still hope that I can eventually snag a couple then
  14. Thank you, TJ... the ability to rename and the bite logs are the bomb
  15. I couldn't find the post-its
  16. After going for so long with no luck, BlueIce snagged me one, and then I tried a little trick and managed to get two more. Granted it doesn't work if you are suffering from chronic lag, but sometimes the time it takes for you to move your mouse over the egg you want is the time it takes for someone else to come along and take it. I picked the egg I wanted to try for and placed a tiny dot with a marker pen in the centre of it on my screen... then when I hit the cave button I instantly put my cursor in the middle of the dot and as soon as the page refreshed I clicked... not having to move the mouse gave me that vital second I needed and got me two more (plus I was able to get some for other people as well) Although I used permanent marker/sharpie the dots have come off with a gentle scratch of a finger nail. May not help other people, but it worked for me
  17. Same here... BlueIce you are the total bomb... thank you!!! You managed to do in about 15 minutes what I haven't been able to do all day
  18. How come every one else seems to have a cave that moves, but mine has been frozen and not refreshing eggies for over 30 minutes?
  19. Does anyone know why the cave is not refreshing? I'm just curious, is all.
  20. I've had the same six eggs sitting on the main page for almost 25 minutes now! The codes are all the same and the eggs don't refresh when I refresh the page. I even closed the tab and re-opened it and the codes are still the same! What is going on? I've even signed in using a different browser and the egg codes are still the same... I give up!!
  21. Glad it's not just me then... I've been trying since the event started and I've caught precisely squat... sometimes even the trick or treats don't load properly
  22. Erm... what guide? Is there a link I'm just not seeing
  23. The cave is broken... it's still saying database error on the AP I also agree about the continuous drop of eggs... I never stand a chance otherwise