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  1. Such a shame we can't keep the gardens after the event Oh well, I've received such pretty flowers from people and I've got a few screenshots so at least I'll have pics lol.
  2. I think it is so that you can't go on to breed them during the current event
  3. Christmas alternate every year as well. Last year was female, year before was male... this year will be male.
  4. One year male, next year female. I think it may differ for Christmas and Valentine... I think the first Christmas was male, but the first Valentine was female, and it changes every year so the following year is never the same gender as the event before.
  5. To everyone that has sent me beautiful flowers, thank you all so much
  6. Christmas switch every year as well.
  7. Just grown an orange Rafflesia... so pretty :0)
  8. Sadly not... all I get is my own garden
  9. I don't think it was aimed at your post (it was the all capitals one ).
  10. Never mind, I've just thought of the answer... because the scroll owners already have the alts... like the xmas dragons always have the same wing patterns as the ones already on your scroll *facepalm*
  11. A quick question (sorry if it has been asked before) how are some people getting Sweetling alts (the black ones)? I thought the originals were given out for some glitch the year they were originally released. I've seen some black ones that don't even have an alt in the lineage *confused*
  12. I wonder what my latest seed will grow up to be... it was labeled "??? seed"
  13. Thank you, dapstccg you're on my thank you list and my next flower is yours
  14. Thank you lilacamy931... the flower is beautiful **hugs**
  15. Some people are just awesome... that was such a lovely thing to do
  16. Thank you... it just seemed better than always hitting the random button lol. I hope they do, I've been really lucky this year and all of my catches have no inbreeding
  17. I wish people wouldn't hide their scrolls, I so wanted to send a flower as a thank you for all the eggs I managed to catch in the AP, but for some that's impossible as there are no owner names on the parents
  18. I'd just like to get a GoN... I've been here for years and never had any luck at all. I voted no bite, like others I can't see the point in turning something so rare into something quite common.
  19. I added my whole scroll just fine No problem and no error message. I'm so glad as AoND is my fave hatchery, I've missed it. Fingers crossed it keeps working now.
  20. OK, this is just weird! Twice so far this morning I have clicked the link to go to the AP, and it has taken me to eggs I have supposedly chosen, only I haven't! Once with a Shield and again with a Terrae egg... all I did was try and go to the AP and I get random eggs sort of jumping onto my scroll lol. I feel kind of mean abandoning them as they obviously wanted to come home with me (but I'm still trying to grab an illusive Ice so they had to go). Eta... omg! This forum must be a good luck charm, no sooner do I mention I need an Ice than I manage to snag one from the AP
  21. I'm getting this, too. So frustrating *sigh*