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Wishlist:Red, Trio, Silvers, Silver/Bronze Shimmers (any gen!) and anything not on My Scroll <3 (Detailed wishlist on profile!)Glomp-gifting-banner-1.gif 6645493383_7c6e66d3fe_t.jpg To those who have glomp-gifted me, you guys are wonderful! <3RVCjiEj.jpg

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    Detailed Wishlist:
    -Neglected, any lineage.
    -Silver or Bronze Shimmer Scale dragons!!! any gen, preferably with a lineage I can continue ;)
    -7th gen gold tinsel male from male tinsel x female sunset stairstep lineage
    -PB EG Magi
    -2nd gen wyverns
    -CB Water hatchies
    -Clean lineaged pinks! I need moar influencers! >.<
    -Slightly messy valentine-lineaged silver female
    -Clean lineaged black
    -2nd gen royal blue female from royal blue male x lumina female
    -Reds! Anything close to clean lineaged will do, I particularly need a CB male.
    -2nd gen spitfire from male spitfire x female sunstone
    -Any shinies that are clean lineaged or close to clean
    -2nd gen PB spotted greenwing female
    -CB female harvest hatchies


    My favorite commons: Male Moonstones & Albinos
    My favorite Uncommons: Male Pillow, Male Ember, Tsunamis & Blusangs
    My favorite rares: Male Neglected, Male Silvers, Silver/Bronze Shimmers