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  1. Its really neat! But guess who's waiting for about 20 hours to get her first egg (people who are able to get like 5 in a row, tell me your secrets)
  2. Well ive tried way too many times with absolutely no luck. (how do all these people manage to get like 5 in a row) I'll try again tomorrow maybe people will be sleeping
  3. Lmao still trying and trying how do people have like 3 already D im having trouble getting one Lmao. Excited to see these adorable things
  4. oh goodness over 700 people no wonder I got nothing D Cute little eggs though! Im excited to see what they happen to be
  5. Yay Thank you! Thats super cool!! 7 dragons! oooo Man!= this will be cool! Wow the Cave was flooded with people! Like 100 people in the Alpine I believe.
  6. I found this beautiful spiral?!??! in the AP. I don't even know what this would be called!! Is it even a spiral!? Absolutely gorgeous!! A+ 10/10 http://dragcave.net/lineage/0TN2Y
  7. I found this http://dragcave.net/lineage/ogLdq Its a beautiful Ice x White checker! I know I recently saw someone looking for something like this but I can't find them!! >.<
  8. Okay guys i'm a little confused now. I remember earlier how we had those 1 day 4 hours eggs drop, and I remember how the message saying that "This hatchling was forced out of its egg prematurely." Well my hatchling I got in a trade a few days ago just popped this message up on me I had like 5 days left and this message came up (I'm very worried cause its in a trade now) Does this have something to do with the AP formatting? That went on earlier?!?
  9. Found this electric not too long ago http://dragcave.net/lineage/2IIJc Actually pretty neat now that I think of it!
  10. Oh man! Where you there too!! When I missed it i kinda did this Well that was nice while it lasted out of hundreds of eggs clicked I got..one. Not a total loss...right..right?!?
  11. aww Its sweet. There was a CB silver in the Dessert with like only 4 people and I still missed it. What a useless utter complete failure I am I'm really hoping for more 1 day eggs to come
  12. Congrats to the people catching them. This seems like a nice surprise and it doesn't seem natural for the cave! It seems like an event that is like distributing a lot of hard to find eggs so more people have access to them. (but to be honest they are much harder to get because of the lag from hundreds of people on). But still people are getting them! I do really wanna know what is going on
  13. I've never seen this amount of people in the cave this early before, I guess I'm catching nothing (Not even extremely commons) till like 1 in the morning. Still crossing my fingers to catch something!! Edit: I'm done, I'm sorry, I clicked on at least 20+ eggs...got NOT A SINGLE ONE. *Punches a hole in the ceiling and absconds* Its really fun seeing things fly past me though. I get to see what others are finding
  14. Its really neat but all the lag is completely stopping me from getting eggs at all >.< I'm going to keep on trucking! It is a nice gesture though!
  15. Someone offered a CB blusang and I traded 2 CB GW, a speckle hatchie and a black hatchie for it. Only time I forget to check the proof it turns out to be a second gen. Apparently the cave doesn't want me to start my lineage project >.<
  16. I'm just wondering If its just been me or has there been more than average common/extremely common eggs starting in the biomes. I've been checking almost all day today and all that pops up at the hour change is super common eggs and I saw maybe one rare in the Alpine and none in coastal, and same with the rest of the biomes. I'm just a little confused It also just might be me. Maybe, like it was said above, the eggs could circulate a bit more, even if its like a major change every 30 minutes or so because once you get those pesky blockers it kinda stops till the cave swapping hour. Thats my first feedback and I hope it makes sense.
  17. Forum ID: gardentoaster Scroll Link: Scroll PM Link: PM Proof that I read the rules: shiny happy people
  18. ugh still having the eggs being picked up in like 0.00000000000000003 seconds how do you people get the eggs that fast
  19. I love how I got no eggs out of that drop
  20. I'm really surprised how fast people are on clicking them!! like i have my clicker over one when it pops up and boom its gone before a second has passed!! I need to learn those sick moves!
  21. Have CB ember on CD (3 more hours) Lineage : Here Want: Sunsong or Purple or Electric or Magi or waterhorse egg or hatchie or Terra hatchie please PM me for offers its still on CD
  22. I'd really like to join!! Here is my magi! Here!!
  23. My lovely Flower cannon vase! Hey guys I'm back and showing off my Loooovely vase
  24. Sorry to be such a newbie but, Where can these flowers be found!?
  25. Is it just me or am I not seeing any of these eggs at all, let alone try and catch them