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  1. Cool stuf thx for the info TJ And yep, im back after about 2 months. Haven't been on since the April release(which I also missed) so yeah. Im here...
  2. I go offline for a few days & this is what happens lmao . Hopefully I can get some of the new eggs soon.
  3. The Wrath of Cortex (Warp room/main theme)- Crash Bandicoot 4: The Wrath of Cortex OST
  4. Banned for having more pinks than me. BUT I ACTUALLY DONT CARE.
  5. True, I have silver trophy to prove it. TPBM has seen the new GI JOE movie.
  6. Congratulations, u just met a she wolf.
  7. Sounds good enough= yum Sweet pickles?
  8. Got 42 so far. I can, no, WILL, finish this.Time to get er done.
  9. Ok now im just loling at how many times ive clicked on April Fools eggs, Good times, good times...
  10. Yay, oh wait... NOT, jk!! APRIL FOOL'S EVERYONE!!!!!
  11. Thanks TJ, HAPPY EASTER everyone. And good luck hunting.
  12. Babs Seed (JayB's Bath Seat remix)(still)
  13. Banned because Babs Seed (JayB's Bath Seat remix) is stuck on replay on my ipod for the past 2 hrs. So catchy & makes a perfect loop, but original is still better. Ears aint sore at all either.
  14. False, the only dragons im collecting are Vampsb(MAINLY), bright pinks, reds, and purples. TPBM watches Family Feud.
  15. Banned because you probably haven't heard Out Here by Pendulum.
  16. Girls On the Dance Floor by Far East Movement ft The Stereotypes