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  1. Okay, spent something like three hours here, calling it a night. See you all tomorrow!
  2. I have: green mushroom x 2 blue mushroom red sun-seeker x 2 pinkish waterlily bluish waterlily purple-and-green biter with green leaves red-and-green biter with purple leaves yellow-and-green biter with purple leaves lavender x 2 (shades unclear) purple iris blue iris x 3 2 white/purple iris blue/purple iris silver hyacinth indigo hyacinth dark violet hyacinth sundew x 2 that I will happily give to anyone who asks, and would like to do a straight swap on: dragonshead orchids (I have silver glittery, mauve glittery, and white - swap for any colour) hibiscus (I have pink, peach, mauve, and lilac - swap for any colour) orange tigerlily alstromeria (I have pink/yellow - swap for any colour)
  3. An anonymous sent me red roses with the message: "With love, Tuxedo Mask." Appropriate anime quotes FTW!
  4. Hi. Anyone interested in a 1:1 on the following: black miniature roses (thanks, Siliskor!) orange tigerlily (for any colour) dragonshead agapanthus (Thanks, inlaterdays!) white waterlily (for any colour) (Thanks, Grozy!) silvery orchid white orchid pale violet orchid (for any colour) white ??? (for any colour) (thanks Dragaril!) purple-and-red biter and pink-and-green biter (thanks TheDragonTrainer!) (Thanks, Skiliskor!) blue columbine (Thanks, ottofritz!) yellow sundew Also, I have a green toadstool and a red sun-seeker I'll happily trade for any hibiscus or orchid, and Gerbera Daisies, a violet hyacinth, and miniature red, pink and yellow roses which I'll happily send to anyone who asks. (Thank you, Tuxedo Mask!) (Now that I finally realised I should check my inbox ... >.<) EDIT: Night, everyone. :yawn:
  5. Hi. Anyone interested in a 1:1 on the following: black miniature roses orange tigerlily (for any colour) red miniature roses dragonshead agapanthus white waterlily (for any colour) silvery orchid white orchid pale violet orchid (for any colour) white ??? (for any colour) (thanks Dragaril!) purple-and-red biter and pink-and-green biter (thanks TheDragonTrainer!) (for any colour) blue columbine yellow sundew Also, I have a green toadstool and a red sun-seeker I'll happily trade for any hibiscus or orchid, and Gerbera Daisies, a violet hyacinth, and miniature pink and yellow roses which I'll happily send to anyone.
  6. Granted; you are woken by cannon-fire beside your ear. Every day. For the rest of your life. I wish I had a pet unicorn.
  7. goergrt Going over every reply gets really tiresome. kilmjwedfa
  8. Steal my sunshine... in my pants Did you already steal my pants, or am I keeping my sunshine in them?
  9. The egg has hatched. Our raiser finally noticed that the hatchling is a girl, and named her 'Storming Ahead' - which I would have thought was a better name for Aventurine-Feldspar or PesterVex, personally, but she seems to like her new name. Our raiser has been giving the scroll some odd looks recently, muttering something about gender ratios and asking the other raisers - though that hasn't gone past an idea, yet. None of us think that eleven dragons is a large enough number to expect equal numbers, but apparently two males out of eleven is skewed enough to worry our raiser. PesterVex decided to go irritate the friend who our raiser introduced to the caves. It turns out the friend picked up some more eggs as soon as the first batch hatched. The hatchlings are apparently 'cute', which, coming from PesterVex, could mean anything from 'easy targets' to 'utter hellions'. Our raiser has been spending time curled up against Smooth Translucency, writing out spare copies of books and scrolls in case PesterVex decides it would be funny to attack them. StopMotion was really furious when PesterVex tore one of them trying to get a reaction from her. Our raiser wasn't happy about it, either - PesterVex is the only one of us who's been swatted by our raiser. It shocked her enough that she didn't notice StopMotion was about to hit her with her tail. If our raiser hadn't dragged her out of the way... StopMotion now hates PesterVex. And PesterVex refuses to admit that it might be partly her fault, so things are getting rather tense at the cave. I'm not surprised that PleaseSlowDownAlready and lascive are spending so much time away. I think Dusk-Walker would be if she had to witness the trouble that keeps happening, but she's unconscious through most of it. Smooth just doesn't care as long as she's left alone with her reading, Aventurine-Feldspar has found some other Sunstones to spar with (and come to an understanding with our raiser about not causing any damage that can't be healed), and Chicken and CrimsonClaret play chase-tag in the canyons. I'm hoping our raiser won't pick up any more eggs for a while. We need time to adjust. We need time to decide what to do with PesterVex if she keeps making trouble...
  10. Every poster here has a forum account.
  11. Dear Journal, I swear, PesterVex exists to make me sorry for ever thinking that lascive was an annoyance. Why does each generation of pygmies our raiser chooses seem to be worse than the last? Even lascive isn't amused by some of the things PesterVex pulls. And she pulls them on Aventurine-Feldspar, which is the worst idea she could have. I think our raiser may be starting to wonder if she wants to get hurt. CrimsonClaret just stays out of the way as much as she can, and none of us can blame her. lascive tends to be off riding PleaseSlowDownAlready. It's strange how well those two get on, when you think about it - Nylia Pygmies don't tend to have much to do other dragons, and Whiptails aren't especially patient. Our raiser introduced a new raiser to the caverns today. None of us had ever seen this person before - apparently the new raiser hadn't been able to visit the area since before our raiser chose our eggs. They both came away from the abandoned pile with eggs. And the only egg our raiser chose was another Electric! So much for thinking that I'm not cute.
  12. Dimar is stupid and forgot to come up with a sentence again. NPT: Do I read a book, or watch a kangaroo documentary?
  13. Jenny has got radishes, King John. aerimsko
  14. Dear Journal, Chicken and lascive are never to go to the abandoned eggs with our raiser again. The sheepish expression on our raiser's face was because we now have three more eggs - and the way that those two preen because two of the eggs obviously belong to pygmies is ridiculous! PleaseSlowDownAlready thinks it's hysterical. Fine for him - he's not going to be around when they hatch, given how often he's off having yet another race with some of his friends from the daycare. Smooth Translucency doesn't seem to care as long as our raiser pays it some attention - it's already started learning to read, which is... impressive, I suppose. And of course, StopMotion and Dusk-Walker aren't able to give their opinions - Dusk because it's currently daytime, and StopMotion because... just because. I'm not entirely sure whether StopMotion has an opinion. Our raiser tries to arrange Smooth Translucency's reading lessons so that StopMotion can see the scrolls and books and hopefully follow along, but who knows if any of it gets through? Our raiser doesn't say anything, but I'm sure I'm not the only one worrying about it. Of course, there are other dragon raisers around, but... well. Breezy reassurances that everything's fine, or being laughed at for even thinking about it, aren't things any of us want to experience. Besides, some of the raisers are a little odd. There's a number who have vampire dragons, and others who intentionally let them bite eggs to try and get more! And there are rumours about zombies in some of the other caves (which is stupid, naturally, but PleaseSlowDownAlready didn't seem to be joking when he said he'd caught a glimpse of one) and of course, there are the Neglected... I hope our raiser never decides to try and get one of those breeds. I don't care how rare they are, the thought of them (though with the Neglected it's more the thought of how they're made) makes my scales crawl. And then our raiser gets mad at me for the accidental shocks.
  15. Dear Journal, To be honest, I'm not sure what to write here. Our raiser gave me this so that I could put anything I wanted to. I think we were mainly taught to read because our raiser spends so much time buried in a book or a scroll, and didn't want us to feel neglected. PleaseSlowDownAlready can't sit still long enough to learn, but he likes it when our raiser reads stories aloud. Chicken and I both like the stories, too, but we don't need them read for us. I have to admit, I do like my new name better than my hatchling name. Our raiser looked ashamed when I got hold of the scroll and read what I'd been named, but not enough to change it. (Who in their right name responds to 'It's a cute baby dragon!' with 'Not sure cute is the right word'?) Brutal Elegance is so much better. Not that this is stopping me from reacting (I am not sulking, whatever our raiser might have noted on the scroll) to reminders. If Chicken can play on our raiser's sensibilities to get extra treats, why shouldn't I? Our raiser makes a point of going regularly to look at the pile of abandoned eggs - apparently that's where we all came from. I'm not sure how 'looking' turned into 'picking up four of them' a few days ago, but then, neither is our raiser. I suppose having more dragons around might be nice - at least there'll be others for Chicken to steal the food from. (I don't care what she says, there's a line between scavenging and stealing, and she's crossed it.) Our raiser is also part of a 'daycare', where lots of raisers help each other look after eggs and hatchlings. If it weren't for their help, I doubt any of us would have reached adulthood - not that I'm ever going to let our raiser know that. Perhaps I should hide this scroll once I've finished writing on it. The four eggs all hatched at nearly the same time. Our raiser's glee is swiftly vanishing, thanks to the continual mess the last hatchling (a different breed of pygmy to Chicken) is making of the books and scrolls. PleaseSlowDownAlready has tried to stop it, but it started showing a little too much interest in his tail and our raiser snatched it away, scribbling a note about knotted tails that had Chicken and I wincing in sympathy. Saying it aloud might give the hatchling ideas (if it doesn't have them already)... but, of course, PleaseSlowDownAlready can't read. So now he has something to play on to get extra treats. Our raiser also isn't sure what to make of the fact that two of the hatchlings don't move. Neither am I, to be honest, though one of them just seems to be nocturnal - though the changing colours are a little strange. Smooth Translucency is well-behaved, though a little stand-offish, but that's just as well with the amount of effort that goes into raising lascive (our raiser says it was an accident that that is the only name among us which doesn't start with a capital letter. We adults have our doubts. Apparently it means 'playful' in some old language, which seems rather ingenuous of our raiser.) PleaseSitDownAlready has managed to tie lascive up in his tail, and our raiser is singing about 'fill the sails', which means we're going to hear another story. I'll continue this some other time. And if Chicken wants a journal, she can get a scroll from our raiser for herself instead of trying to steal mine. I mean it, Chicken! If I find you've written on this, I'll shock you so hard you can't fly for a week!
  16. "I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend."
  17. Is this truly necessary, I mean, can't we just, like, make peace? Hee. NPT: My dragon's wings/Are sturdy things...
  18. This post is written in red text.
  19. I love the way Light and L play off each other; when L dies, Light just slowly loses his mind. Plus, I ship Light/L, which might possibly have something to do with my opinion...
  20. I've had several dreams that I remember bits of - they tend to be third person and really weird. There was one where someone who looked like Data from ST:TNG was doing something with giant spiders, and he was injected with... something... that turned his blood into small spiders that 'flowed' out of a cut on his arm - I'm pretty sure his blood changing like that killed him. There was one with a Nightcrawler lookalike who was the planet's Chosen One (it wasn't set on Earth) who was floating among golden bubbles. The bubbles were being tainted with darkness, and Nightcrawleralike figured out how to purify them by touching them. There was one with a group of four people going up a mountain together. They didn't really like each other, but they had to work together. There was a werewolf (I think) and a warrior-woman who didn't trust the werewolf because of his species, and I think she fell/was pushed off the edge and the rest of the group were seriously considering letting her fall and die because she was just. That. Annoying. And there was one which the only thing I remember is that it had Light, L, Mello, Matt and Near from Death Note IN SPACE! (Mello, Matt and Near were all in the same room, helping L and/or Light escape from... a group?)
  21. I came across a teaser for Dodger, and I think it sounds interesting - I'm hoping that it'll be at my local library soon, so I can read it.
  22. I have! I have the books up to Zero Hour - I've read Aftershock at the library, but I haven't bought it. The series is getting darker by the book.