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  1. 17.34317% Huh, interesting. So I'm in between a Geek and a Total Geek
  2. I put mashed potatoes as my choice. I love everything else (I will eat everything on the table ) but the first thing I head towards is usually mashed potatoes.
  3. Banned for having numbers if your username
  4. Aviera


    Granted but someone stole it right after you got it. I wish I didn't have writer's block right now
  5. Ship (I don't even know why...)
  6. GUYUGKUYG It was so hard to listen to my favorite song and remember how to spell that at the same time
  7. I'm quite excited for Valentines day. It'll be the first event I experience on DragonCave since I only recently joined. I've seen the past Valentines day dragons and they all look very pretty. I'm hoping to get some of the past ones, especially Heartseekers. They're my favorite out of all of them so far.
  8. I had a dream that it was Halloween and there was this carnival/festival thing and I was there with my friends. We were walking around when I saw this Haunted House scavenger hunt/riddle solving thing. I dragged a few of my friends in and there was this amazing riddle (which I sadly can't remember) that actually made sense (unlike some of my other dreams). So we were walking around in this house trying to solve the riddle when there was an announcement that if we couldn't solve it we'd die or something. There were these weird corridors and then suddenly my brain clicked and I understood the riddle and I led my friends to the fireplace. There was this gate and I bashed it open and then suddenly it turned into this glow-y thing and it transformed into a beautiful gate and we stepped outside and it was snowing o_0 It was like this gorgeous winter wonderland on top of a mountain and I somehow got a crown and wings. Then my alarm clock woke me up. Not the weirdest dream I've ever had, but it was weird and pretty interesting.
  9. I'm just like you Dimar I'll start laughing before they touch me too. 1) Belly. 0 2) Ribs. 0 3) Underarms. 5? I don't think anyone's ever tried to tickle me there 4) Neck. 10 5) Back. 10 6) Feet. 10 7) Sides 10 There's these few spots on my legs that are soooo ticklish. Few people have ever tickled me there before, and it's usually by accident too. I don't even know where it is actually o_0 All I know is, I will completely freak out if they poke me there. There was this one time my friend's ganged up and tickled me and I was thrashing around everywhere and the person holding my legs down touched that spot, and I went crazy o_0
  10. You have so many dragons So I just scrolled to a random part instead of looking at them all Wild Rose Of Love
  11. Banned because I feel like banning someone
  12. Banned because I miss snow, and I currently live in a place with no snow.