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    I will breed anything on my scroll if asked nicely, or if a trade is offered. I do have breeding pairs, so don't be offended if I refuse to do a certain pairing. I ask that you be prepared to take your egg within 24 hours and not be scroll locked.

    My goal is to have at least 4 CB Males and 4 CB Females of each breed, along with a frozen of each stage.
    I will accept any lineage for freezing, but prefer messy lineages. I will accept dragons for freezing for all breeds.
    I will always accept interesting, clean lineages.
    Metallics are my favorites (Silvers are my favoritest favorites), along with low-gen prize dragons.
    I collect Thuweds and Dorkfaces.


    IOU POLICY FOR 2G SHIMMER/FAILS (updated 2/25/2017)
    Eggs, and weekly breeding attempts and egg slots are all valuable. This is intended to give some clear guidelines to fall back upon if needed. Most of the time I doubt this will be a problem.

    I need to receive something for trade before I will start breeding for you, unless other arrangements have been made prior. I have been burned many times where I don't ever get the agreed upon trade.

    I breed Michael's luck on Sundays at ~12pm EST.

    Mate selection is at my discretion, you can ask, but don't be surprised if I say no. He has a set group of females I prefer to breed him with. If we do agree upon a different mate and I do not have a CB female, you will be asked to supply the CB female.

    I will send you a message at least a week before I start breeding for your egg! (aka when you are next on the list).
    If I do not hear back from you before it is time to breed, if you're inactive, if you PM box is full and I can't message you, etc, then I will breed for the next person on the list and you will move to the bottom of the list.

    If I send you a message with a question/update and I don't receive a response, I will send one more message to make sure my first wasn't simply missed. After that, if I do not hear from you, I will move you to he bottom of the list. No point in tying to breed an egg for someone if they are inactive.

    You will have 24 hours to claim your egg once I send you the link, if you do not claim your egg in that time it will go to the next person on the list and you will move back to the bottom of the list.

    If you have been moved to the bottom of the wait-list for any reason I will send you a message stating that this has happened. If I do not receive a response to that message after two weeks, I will remove you from the wait-list.

    If at any point you have an emergency I'll hold/influence/even hatch an egg AS LONG AS YOU LET ME KNOW!!!!

    I will let you know each week the results of the pairing. If you would like the shimmerfail mate, if there are any, you have first claim at one, then any remainder will be traded away/gifted.

    I am usually not around much Tuesday through Friday as I work 12 hour days. If you send me a message during these days I may not get a chance to read/respond to it until Saturday. I always respond to my messages, so please be patient!